Session 6 Classes

This is our Session 6 class schedule that will be available for registration shortly. Please check our class descriptions for information on each class. Check out our new class: THERAPY DOG! Classes will start October 12 and end November 19. ***Therapy Dog classes are 3 weeks. ***Susan Jackson’s Wednesday 9:00AM Obedience 1 and Wednesday 10:30AM Competition Agility classes will begin on October 21 and end on November 25. Classes are $75.00 for the therapy dog class and $135.00 for all other classes.

Monday 5:30PM Manners

Monday 7:00PM Young Puppy

Monday 8:00PM THERAPY DOG!!! (3-week session)

Tuesday 5:00PM Young Puppy

Tuesday 6:30PM Pre-Agility

Tuesday 8:00PM Agility

Wednesday 9:00AM Obedience 1

Wednesday 10:30AM Competition Agility

Wednesday 5:00PM Obedience 1

Wednesday 6:30PM Agility 1 (Foundations)

Wednesday 8:00PM Agility 2 (Obstacles)

Thursday 10:30AM Novice/Open Obedience

Thursday 11:30AM Obedience 3

Thursday 5:00PM Intermediate/Competition Rally

Thursday 6:30PM Introduction to Rally

Saturday 10:00AM Older Puppy

Saturday 11:30AM Manners