Classes are one hour long, once a week, for six weeks. The cost for each six-week session is $150.00.

** Classes may be rescheduled or combined based on registration and instructor availability.

Class Descriptions

Session Schedule

Class Registration

Aggressive Dogs – All obedience class are taught in a group setting and are therefore not appropriate for aggressive dogs. Owners with aggressive dogs are encouraged to seek help from a professional trained in behavior modification.

There will be no refunds under any circumstances.

Vaccinations – in order to take classes with ADTC, a dog must be up to date on their core vaccinations for their age and owner must show proof.  You can submit copies of their shot records with this application or show proof at orientation.

Any child under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Please find attached our COVID-19 Policy.

INFORMATION in preparation for Sampler Class, Obedience 1, Young Puppy and Older Puppy classes – PLEASE READ

1.      Bring a paper copy of your dog’s shot record. 

2.      Wear only flat heel shoes with a back or back strap. 

3.      For safety NO flip flops, crocks, or Birkenstocks.

4.      Bring ONLY SOFT treats-BilJac small dog training treats for all size dogs and Lean Treats bought at Vet offices and cut in quarters are good choices. 

5.      Treat pouch- nail aprons are good for this. 

6.      A 6′ leash with a single hand loop- with NO metal hooks or clips or poop bags attached

7.      Collar that fits the neck with only a two-finger space around the neck. 
Can be prong, flat buckle or flat with plastic clip, or martingale. 
Harnesses are not recommended. 
If you need to use a harness for health reasons consider one made by Scrappy Pet.

8.      Bring poop bags.

9.      In order to train your dog needs to be hungry. Do not feed a full meal within 6 hours of class. Instead, feed a few kibble so your dog has something in their stomach. Do not do heavy exercise with your dog the day of class. 
Please enter for class from the parking lot in rear of the building. The entry to the parking lot is off Dock Street. 

See you soon.