Session II's classes start Tuesday, May 22nd, we still have a few spots left in some classes…. please contact us! Upcoming Events: Noseworks seminars at ADTC schedule tba. SHOW-N-GO: Tentative date for the next Show-N-Go will be Saturday, August 25th. AKC's Tricks Classes debut on Friday, May 25th, If you're interested, let us know! If you've got questions, we have the answers! Please return to 'contact' us' on our website and either call or email us.

About Us

By ADTC’s Constitution: The Purpose of the Club shall be to promote Obedience and Agility training in all dogs, purebred and mixed breed; to furnish multi-level training for the public and their dogs; to encourage competition and advancement; to create public awareness in responsible treatment of dogs and to provide guidance in the Therapy Dog program, Canine Good Citizenship program, school safety program and tattoo/microchip registration.

Our Certified Instructors are well-qualified and know how to handle dogs of all ages, sizes, and temperaments. All of the instructors are competitors in the sports of Dog Obedience, Agility, and/or Conformation. All instructors continually sharpen their skills and learn new methods of training by attending training seminars by nationally recognized trainers. ALL of the instructors started just as you, wanting well-behaved companions. Everything taught is helpful in day to day living with one’s companion.

We encourage the training of ALL dogs, whether purebred, or the “All-American Heinz 57” variety. Age is not a factor. Kindergarten puppies should be no older than 4 months. Puppies for regular classes must be at least 4 months old with all inoculations including Rabies and Parvovirus. NO dog is too old to enroll. (Contrary to popular belief, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!)

Azalea Dog Training Club also conducts tattoo clinics periodically and sponsors a 3-in-1 clinic (tattoo, microchip, and rabies vaccination) yearly, offering dog owners a permanent, affordable and relatively painless method for identification of their dogs for theft prevention or in the event of loss. We also sponsor Pet Photos by Dick Parrott Photography, Show ‘N’ Go’s, children’s summer dog camp, and yard sales. Christmas time sees ADTC adopting one or more families, as well as hosting a drive to benefit the New Hanover and Pender County Humane Societies.

ADTC is VERY active in it’s Therapy Dog and School Safety Programs in a five county area. Biweekly visits to area Rest/Nursing, Assisted Living and Rehabilitation Facilities keep ADTC’s TOTAL volunteer membership busy in the community. The School Safety Program is also enjoyed by area organizations such as the Girl and Boy Scouts of America, the Wilmington Police Department and Sheriff’s Department Camps.