Sallie Cooper

Sallie took Novice through Utility classes for 9 years at the Durham Kennel Club (DKC) with her two German Shepherds in preparation for competition in American Kennel Club (AKC) trials.  During that time she assisted the Puppy Class for 7 years before becoming the Primary Instructor for 2 years.  She assisted Beginner Obedience classes for several years.

Both her dogs earned their AKC Companion Dog title and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title.

She has taught puppy classes and an occasional Beginner Obedience class at Azalea Dog Training Club for over 20 years.  While in Durham, she attended several weekend seminars given by nationally known dog trainers.  She keeps up to date with the latest dog training and behavior information by reading books, veterinary school newsletters and “Whole-Dog-Journal” and watching DVDs of training seminars.

She uses only dog friendly training method such as Lure/Reward.  No dog should be mentally or physically punished during the training process.