Joanne Brubach

I have owned Golden Retrievers all my life.
I have bred 4 liters by 3 different Moms and have kept one puppy from each litter! I currently have 3 Goldens.
As a gymnast and gymnastics coach for over 40 years, agility seemed like a natural thing to get into. It’s doggy gymnastics. Topaz was my first agility dog, starting after I had an empty nest in 2011. Topaz (10) has her Masters titles in Standard and Jumpers, however had to retire early at 7 1/2 due to seizures. I am now training and competing her two daughters, Emerald (5) started 1/2019 and Tori (3) started 9/2019. There is something special about the connection you can achieve working together in a sport that keeps challenging you and your dog. 
I love to see teams gel through hard work, repetition, patience and lots of praise, treats and awards!