Barbara Bray

Barbara Bray has been a member of ADTC since 1993, where she implemented the Dog Agility Program with the assistance of Kay Rodgers and Pat Gagne. Barbara has served as an Instructor and Dog Agility Coordinator for ADTC since that time. She has trained four Shelties and three Papillons in Obedience, Agility and Rally and has actively competed in AKC and UKC Obedience and Agility as well as in NADAC, ASCA, and USDAA Agility. Her passion is Dog Agility.

Her major accomplishments with her dogs include having the first UKC Agility Champion in North Carolina, earning a UKC Grand Championship on one of her Shelties and winning the highest level of agility at the UKC National Agility Championship. Her winning Sheltie was featured on Outdoor Life Network. Barbara has won both High in Trials and High Combined in UKC Agility multiple times. She also put Excellent level titles on three dogs in NADAC. In addition, she put an AKC CD and CDX on two Shelties in Obedience and qualified for the Eastern Regionals in Obedience with her first Sheltie, Sandy. She put Rally Excellent Titles on two Shelties and a Rally Advanced Title on one Papillon.

In AKC, she is most proud of putting a MACH, AKC Master Agility Championship Title, on her Papillon, Niki, and being selected to participate in and attending the AKC Nationals with her Sheltie, Bobby. Barbara has put over 80 AKC Agility and Obedience Titles on dogs since becoming a member of ADTC and three of her dogs are also Breed Champions. In addition, she regularly attends Agility Seminars with recent examples being Seminars presented by Becca Thrift, Tracy Hirsch Riley, Eva Lacnakova, Tomas Traj, Kristy Netzer and others. She also trains regularly at Bon-Clyde Learning Center in Sanford.