News Flash: Sunday 9/30/18 Regarding Session IV & V, as "Joe Friday" used to say: "Just the facts, ma'am" and here is the info for (first) Session V orientation will be held Monday Oct 8th, at 6:30. (secondly) this note is specially for our Students enrolled in Session IV will receive a $50 credit towards the next session for classes missed due to the storm. Now, for a look behind the scenes at your Instructors, Assistants and every Member who could; have put in 2 full days addressing the damages to our Training Facility. My internet access has been "gone with the wind" up to and including late last night! Special thanks to Stephanie and Bryan!, who got me up and running this afternoon. Our ADTC Family lost a wise and dear member, so we are mourning her greatly, at the same time we are all getting back on our feet from the storm.

Obedience, Rally

A “Not for Profit” Service Organization since 1971

 Words from our Director of Rally, Marny Temple:

Do you love to spend time with your best friend?  Does the idea of having a “date night” each week sound like a really fun thing to do?  Well, in my humble opinion, Rally is the ticket for you and your furry companion!  For those of you who have trained with ADTC, you already know that the “3 P’s” (Practice, Patience and Praise) is our motto and while employing those “3 P’s”, you’ve given your dog treats, you’ve smiled at him when he “gets” the exercise, you use your voice as praise to let him know when he’s trying hard, you help show him where you want him with your body language, you encourage him by speaking to him in a loving manner, you pet and/or hug him and tell him he’s the smartest dog in the world and you are soooo lucky to have him as a family member!!  (now, THAT’S what I call a run on sentence!!!)

Perhaps, you’ve been thru our Puppy Class or our Beginner Obedience Class and our PreNovice Class (which is the prerequisite to entering the Rally Program) with the idea of entering our Rally Program.  Or perhaps, you simply considered Rally as an after thought!  Well, anyway you made it to the Rally Venue, we’re glad you’re here and we guarantee two things:  #1 that you and your dog are going to have a blast!!!  and #2  see #1!  🙂

Rally Obedience was created as yet another way you can have fun with your companion!  Rally basically “took” the “doodles” we do in Traditional Obedience, as we broke the exercises down into several parts to teach our dogs how to accomplish each task, and grouped these tasks together to create “Stations”.  The Handler can talk encouragingly to his/her dog the entire time they are in the ring.  And what confidence this gives to both members of the Team!

You will see dogs of all ages trialing in Rally; from the youngest to the oldest, their tails are wagging and it’s obvious that they are lovin’ it!!!  Our young pups (six months and older) may start this venue and gain confidence in every course run; while our senior dogs, many of whom have been retired for years, have the thrill of once again joining their Mom and/or Dad on “Road Trips” and the memories made simply priceless!  (By the way, age is not a factor for Rally Handlers, either!)

On a personal note, I have been honored to have been (lessor) half of four teams; all four of whom earned their RE (Rally Excellent) titles in Rally so far and our little Glory girl earned her RAE Title 2/19/2010, while baby brother, Mick earned his RAE six months later!  My little old man, Logan, who had retired years earlier from Traditional Obedience, began his Rally fun at age 10 1/2 yrs!  Lo’s brother, Boo, earned all three of his Rally titles in-between chemo treatments….. and I will always believe that the fun times we had in Rally was a huge factor in Boo living and living well for 23 more months after his diagnosis!  In short, having fun in Rally is a huge part of my fur kids and my lives!

Come on out and join us!!  Our students quickly become our friends and we feel like we’re all taking this wonderful trip together!!  and it is GOOD!


Our Rally Program began ‘officially’ the year before Rally became a regular, titling venue in the AKC!  Several ADTC Members learned and worked at Rally while it was still a non titled class and fell in love with it!!  This Program has grown by leaps and bounds since it took it’s first baby steps years ago!  ADTC is proud to have brought AKC Rally to the Wilmington area!  And we are more than proud of our students who have done so well and whose judges have complimented them, saying they knew where they trained!!  🙂

Monday nights are Rally Obedience nights!  We’re flexible with what level class(es) we have each session; simply filling the needs of our current students!  



Our Staff of Rally Obedience Instructors includes:

Marny Temple

Kay Rodgers

Kim Hagan

Nancy Parrott

Dave Moore

Cynthia Mackie