Session III is underway. In response to news of a brand new CANINE VIRUS/FLU that began in FL & GA 6 weeks ago, ADTC Members are in touch with contacts all over the southeastern states, doing our best to keep abreast of potential spreading. There have been no outbreaks locally and we have not heard of any outbreaks anywhere close to us. However, we are being very cautious in order to protect the dogs currenty training at our facility. We posted informational signs at our facility and messages expressing our concern about the spread of this dangerous disease. If caught early, it can be treated successfully, but dogs have been lost to this virus w/ owners thinking the intestinal upset is caused by something their pet ate. If your dog displays any unusual symptoms, please do not wait, have them checked by their Vet asap. In response to this very real threat, a group of our Members have done a preventative cleaning of our facility, using products that should kill any germs. We have cleaned the entire building, including floor, crates, chairs and any other surface that might contain any germs. We are still holding classes, but please use your own good judgement as to whether your dog should attend during this possible crisis. Please check back here on our website, where we will do our best to report any incidences of this disease. Upcoming Events (that may or may not be canceled) : Nosework Seminars 6/17/17, Session IV begins 7/31/17, & Show 'n' Go planned for August. Interested? Please visit the link for each activity and contact us with any questions.

Instructors & Assistants for Session III 2017

Welcome to newest Training Director, Bobby Jones!  Bobby has filled this position for us in the past and did a super job….. we are sure he will do so again!  Thank you, Bobby!

This position can often be 90% behind the scenes, but is one of the most important!  Don’t know what we’d do w/o all our dedicated Members.

Session III

Orientation Monday, 5/15/17

Classes began the following week, on Tuesday 5/23/17


Session III 2017   Schedule of classes & Instructors

Times for all classes subject to change……

Mon     6:30 pm   Combo “Intro to & Level One of Rally”  Special Guest Instructors:  Cynthia Mackie, Janet Doxey, Bobby Jones, led by Rally Director, Marny Temple

 Mon     7:30 pm   Combo “Advanced/Competition Rally”  Instruction, as part of the curriculum, will be led by Students in this class, organized by Michell Essell, assisted by Marny Temple.

 Tues     6:30 pm   “Younger Puppy Obedience”  Instructor:  Sallie Cooper,  Assistant:  Karen Heineke

Tues      7:30 pm   “Beginner Obedience”   Instructor:  Sharon Yankay,  Assistant:  Maggie Banon

 Tues     8:30 pm    TBA upon demand


Wed    9:30 am          “Combo Agility”  Instructor:  Susan Jackson

 Wed   5:45 pm           “Beginner Agility”   Instructor:  Janet Doxey,   Assistant:  Kathy Bloden

 Wed     7 pm          “Intermediate  Agility”  Instructor:  Captain Dave, Assistants:  Gwyn Scheidt & Janet Doxey  

 Wed     8 pm         “Competition Agility”    Co-Instructors:  Barbara Bray & Dave Moore


 Thurs   6:30 pm    “Older Puppy Obedience”  Instructor:   Lila Sheckles, Assistant:  Kim A.

 Thurs  7:03 pm     PreNovice Obedience will not be held this session

Every other Friday  Members Only   “Novice and Open Class” Instructor:  Larry Jenkins


Breed Handling only if called for: contact ADTC for an appointment   





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