Session II's classes start Tuesday, May 22nd, we still have a few spots left in some classes…. please contact us! Upcoming Events: Noseworks seminars at ADTC schedule tba. SHOW-N-GO: Tentative date for the next Show-N-Go will be Saturday, August 25th. AKC's Tricks Classes debut on Friday, May 25th, If you're interested, let us know! If you've got questions, we have the answers! Please return to 'contact' us' on our website and either call or email us.

Instructors & Assistants for Session II 2018

Session II 2018  Schedule of Classes & Instructors

Times for all classes subject to change……

Mon     6 pm   Rally Novice   Instructor:  Marny

              7 pm    Rally Advanced   Instructor:  Janet Doxey

 Tues     6:30 pm   “Combo Puppy Obedience”  Instructor:  Sallie Cooper,  Assistant:  Karen Heinecke

Tues      7:30 pm   “Beginner Obedience”   Instructor: Skip Wolfe & John Wolfe  Assistant:  Jodi Kerwin

              8:30 pm    TBA upon demand


Wed    9:30 am          “Combo Agility”  Instructor:  Susan Jackson, Assistant:  Kathy Bloden

 Wed   5:45 pm           “Beginner Agility”   Instructor:  Janet Doxey,  Assistant:  Kathy Bloden

 Wed     7 pm          “Intermediate  Agility”  Instructor:  Dave RyanAssistant:  Eric  

 Wed     8 pm         “Competition Agility”    Co-Instructors:  Barbara Bray & Dave Moore

                                     “Super Assistant”:  Chet Bloden


 Thurs   6:30 pm    Not offered this session

 Thurs  7:03 pm     “PreNovice Obedience”  Instructor: Connie Brown, Assistants:  Holly Martin & Troy



Every other Friday  Members Only or by permission of Instructor only:   “Novice and Open Class” Instructor:  Larry Jenkins 

Please contact Larry for dates, times and availability








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