Session II's classes start Tuesday, May 22nd, we still have a few spots left in some classes…. please contact us! Upcoming Events: Noseworks seminars at ADTC schedule tba. SHOW-N-GO: Tentative date for the next Show-N-Go will be Saturday, August 25th. AKC's Tricks Classes debut on Friday, May 25th, If you're interested, let us know! If you've got questions, we have the answers! Please return to 'contact' us' on our website and either call or email us.

Instructors’ Qualifications

Azalea Dog Training Club is proud of all its members who are constantly striving for the betterment of all dogs. Many of these members who started out as students have grown into terrific instructors and competitors.

All of Azalea Dog Training Club’s Instructors have a real respect and love for dogs and are gifted with “dog knowledge”. To a person, they have much to offer ADTC’s students; including leadership, strength of character, and the ability to protect all the teams in their classes! They are very generous in sharing what they have learned through personal and classroom experience, seminars, and trialing.

ADTC’s students come to train with us for a multitude of reasons. Most want a better understanding of their dogs, many seek the bonding that results from training with their best friend, others get bitten by the “competition bug” and enjoy showing what their pals can accomplish, while others merely have goals of a companion who is mannerly and who “comes when I call him and doesn’t jump up on people!”. We also have those who wish to do Therapy work with their best friends and a special few are working toward an OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) or MACH (Master Agility Champion) dog!!

ADTC’s instructors are all-volunteer and get their paycheck when they see the teams in their classes gaining confidence, trust in each other and a greater understanding of each other. They train you to train your dog, and do so using the three Ps”; Practice, Patience and Praise. The evaluations that Students are asked to complete in the final week of classes are wonderful feedback for the club and all Instructors strive to make students time at ADTC a positive and memorable experience.

The joy of seeing one’s Students excel in the venue of their choice, whether it is in competition or a loving companion, is what keeps ADTC’s instructors inspired!

ADTCs Instructors all meet the following requirements:

  1. Earned a minimum of one title at the level of instruction in obedience, agility, and/or conformation.
  2. Assisted in a class numerous times (minimum of three), co-taught a minimum of two times and recommended by two qualified instructors, with Training Committee and Board of Directors approval
  3. Must have people and communication skills, critical to every instructor. Must be able to motivate and make the class interesting (and fun) to students. Be able to lead by example.
  4. Attend training seminars to advance own knowledge and be able to apply knowledge as needed in class atmosphere.
  5. Adhere to club standards.