News Flash: Sunday 9/30/18 Regarding Session IV & V, as "Joe Friday" used to say: "Just the facts, ma'am" and here is the info for (first) Session V orientation will be held Monday Oct 8th, at 6:30. (secondly) this note is specially for our Students enrolled in Session IV will receive a $50 credit towards the next session for classes missed due to the storm. Now, for a look behind the scenes at your Instructors, Assistants and every Member who could; have put in 2 full days addressing the damages to our Training Facility. My internet access has been "gone with the wind" up to and including late last night! Special thanks to Stephanie and Bryan!, who got me up and running this afternoon. Our ADTC Family lost a wise and dear member, so we are mourning her greatly, at the same time we are all getting back on our feet from the storm.


We members of ADTC work very hard to present the best training program we possibily can!  And in doing so, we are continuously trialing and learning, thru which we can share new-found knowledge with you, our Students!  Sooooo, we  are excited to let our readers know what’s been going on at ADTC with our Teams……  Special thanks to Bobbie Smith for her wonderful “Tattle Tail” newsletter, from which I am to able to cut and paste members’ brags!!


February 2016

Larry Jenkins and Pete at Durham Kennel Club 12.5.15 Pete won Open B 198 ½ 4 OTCH pts. And on 12.6.15 Pete placed 3rd UD-B 193 ½ UDX leg. 385 (2) O.T.CH pts.

From Team Bray, Niki came home from the Moore County Kennel Club Agility Trial in Sanford with his 65th, 66th and 67th Qs in Masters Jumps with Weaves, qualifying all 3 days.

Barbara Bray had a FANTASTIC  non-dog brag. She was voted 2015 Outstanding Teacher of the year at Miller-Motte College!!!

Cameron and Harriet on Jan 21 & 22 at Bon Clyde. Cameron qualified and took 4th place in Standard agility. Cameron is RUNNING again according to Harriett. Hey but that also means Harriett is running also!!

Sharon Yankay shares that January 8th & 9th at Columbia Kennel Club Phoenix earned her RE title. Ashtyn earned 2 RAE legs and 4th place in Rally Advance on January 10th, 2016.

Susan Jackson’s “Kooikerhondje “Kiss” won 1st place in Nov JWW on Thursday, Jan 21st at Bon-Clyde.

Dave & Pepper on Jan 15th, 16th & 17th at Star City Dog Training Club of Lexington, Va & Dog Owners Training Club of Lynchburg, Va.. with 9 runs 7 Q’s, 2 QQs and 59 PACH points.

Jan 21-22-23-24 Moore County Kennel Club (Bon-Clyde) 9 runs with 7 Qs, 2 QQs and 67 PACH points!

Bonnie’s Sioux & Dru – on Jan 9, 2016 Dru got his first CDX leg with 1st place. Out of 11 entries Dru was the only Q. On Jan 10, 2016 Ch MacAlder Onyx CD RAE JH THD has achieved her CDX. She was 1st, only Q out of 11 entries.

With this grand achievement for Bonnie & Sioux we enjoyed cake at our January meeting and Sioux earned her retirement from the ring but not her job at the library!   Bonnie would also like to add an extra thank you to Stephanie Lowe, Open Class instructor and to all the team in the Open Class. Bonnie said each member contributed to their individual success and its very much appreciated.


January 2016

Dave & Pepper – Yadkinville 10.30-11.1 with 10 runs 7 Q’s, #37 QQ

Youngsville 11.6-7-8 with 9 runs 7Q’s QQ # 38-39-40 (9 pts short)

Concord 11.11-12-13 with 11 runs 7 Qs

Thurs Std Course ran Clean 18 pts “PACH 2”   no QQs

Janet & Hazel 11.14.2015 Greater Monroe Ken Club – Concord Open B -193 Q

11-15-2015 Concord 1 double Q –Agility 30 MACH pts

Diane and Jackson at Multi Breed Flyball in Virginia, Jackson earned his Multi Breed Flyball Champion Silver title on 11.22.2015 (MBFDch-S)

Chet & Xandra Greater Monroe KC on 11.12.15 Concord earned 1st leg CD

Kathy & Uzetta in Concord at the Greater Monroe KC earned NA (2nd place by 1 second) NAJ (1st place)

“Glory” Temple was tested and certified for Therapy Dog International

Lu and Miles 11.7.15 in Fairview, Miles earned his Graduate Novice Title.

Barbara Bray shared that they are so proud of Niki, our 6 year old Papillon, who qualified all thee days in Masters Jumpers and came home with his 11th QQ.  Barbara commented that she went to the Concord Agility Trial with mixed emotions as this was my first trial to not run our twelve and one-half year old Sheltie, Beacon.  He was definitely missed.


November 2015


This year’s Tina Moran recipient is Bonnie Berg-Eckhoff.  CONGRATULATIONS!   Thanks Lu for a great nominee and right on the money!


The Boo Temple Spirit Award went to Mick Temple, loved and greatly missed by the Temple family and all who knew the boy.   Diane your nomination was beautiful.
October 2015

Dave and Pepper were very busy since our last meeting also. Morrisville – 12 runs, 9 Q’s – 4 1st places, 2 2nd places. 1 third place.  Toano Va. – 8 runs, 7 Q’s – 1  1st place.  Durham – 10 runs, 6 Q’s – 5 1st places,  1 2nd place A big Wowza for their work!!

Larry and Pistol Pete at the Tarheel Cluster, Durham Kennel Club on 9.5.2015 awarded hisCDX with 3rd place.  In the Utility “B” class earning his 2nd UD leg.

Raleigh Kennel Club 9.6.2015 Pete Utility”B” score 195 ½ and 1st place and earns his UD Title.  Pete earned his CD, CDX, and UD titles in 11 ½ months before his 3rd birthday.   Big round of applause for this hard working team.

 Our very important BRAG tonight came with cake at our September meeting  Bonnie announced that Ashtyn Yankay earned five titles on her dog Xena as a Junior Handler.  She is now 18 years old and no longer a JH. CONGRATULATIONS Ashtyn!

A VERY SPECIAL brag came from Susan. Wes had his difibulator/pace maker installed today and he is doing great!  YES!!!  He gets to come home tomorrow and he does not have to wear his life vest anymore!

We also had the pitter patter of big baby feet when Sophia wasn’t being held by proud mom, Lu.

September 2015

You might want to get a cup of tea before you start reading our brags. So take a break, then sit back and read on. Our members have some wonderful brags for all their hard work and dedication for the their teams!

Brays – Barbara and Larry had some wonderful brags to share; at the Weimaraner Club Agility Trial at Bon-Clyde in Sanford in July

Beacon (12yo sheltie) and Barbara ran the JWW course in 33 sec. placed 1st in the 12 in Preferred.  Barbara’s Run!!

Papillon, Niki came home with 2 Qs, scores of 100 in Masters Jumpers. Niki would have had a double Q but mom left out the tunnel.

Ch Raylan came home with a new Novice JWW title and !st place ribbon.

At Greater Monroe KC/Fayetteville KC Agility Trial in Concord in August,

Beacon earned 3 Qs, scores of 100, 2 in Masters Standard 12 in Preferred and 1 in Master Jumpers 12 in Perferred, time 30 sec.

Niki, came home with his 8th QQ scores of 100 in Masters Standard and Master Jumps with Weaves.  Niki also earned 2 more QQs.  Niki is working hard on the MACH.

Norwegian Elkhound Club Potomac Valley in Fredericksburg, Va July 31, Aug 1 & 2.. 12 runs, earning 9Qs, 1 QQ and 1 QQQ (2)

Salisbury MD KC in Eden, MD August 21-22-23 9 runs earning the Brays 8 Qs, 2 QQs, and 2 QQQs. They were in the ribbons with 4 1sts, 3 2nds, 1 3rds for 61 PACH pts.

Bonnie Berg & Sioux at Greenville Kennel Club August earned 2nd leg for CDX.

Dianne Dargay & Jackson 8.15-16.15 in Cary, NC Jackson earned his Flyball Master Excellent title (10,000 pt)

Gwyn Schicdt and Gus on 8.6.15 in Concord, NC earned his Master Excellent Fast title (MXF)

Then Gwyn and Ruffian earned 2 Master Exc Jumpers Runs & 1 Standard Run & earned 14 pts.

Sharon Yankay 7.24.15 Greenville KC Phoenix earned her CD title with a 4th place.

Ashtyn Yankay & Xena 7.25.15 earned her 1st Rally Excellent leg with a 2nd place.  7.26.15 Xena earned her 2nd Rally Excellent  leg.

Morgan Phaneuf advised that she had agreement from Olde English Bulldogge Organization to add Rally to their shows. Morgan will be competing in Rally very soon!!

Cynthia’s grand daughter ,JoAnna, is walking/running at 9 months.   Keep your sneakers handy Cynthia!

Gwyn was blessed with her 1st grand daughter July 21st, Josie.  Now that is a blessing!


November 2014:  Lotsa Members and Student Teams going for the BLUE!


Niki Bray earned his 6th QQ at the Moore County Agility Trial at Bon/Clyde in Sanford on Saturday, October 25.  He earned 22 MACH Points and received a 3rd Place Ribbon in Masters JWWYeah!

Victor Pearsall and Stone made ADTC proud  at the Moore County Kennel Club Agility Trial.  Congrats on your beautiful Jumpers run and your 1st Place Ribbon.

Janet Doxey and Hazel were also in Sanford at the Moore County Agility Trial. On October 25th she had a QQ and a 4th Place in Master’s Standards.  On October 26th the team Q’d in JWW. This great team now has 38 MACH II points!

Sanford was busy with ADTC folks!  Diane Dargay was running with Jackson. This team earned a Q and 1st  Place AND a perfect score in Novice Standard.  In Novice Jumpers they earned another 1st Place.  Way to go!

Gus and Gwyn Scheidt have their T2B2 title!!!  They have been doing quite of bit of running since the last meeting.  More on that in the next newsletter!

Dave Moore and Pepper have done some mighty fine running lately.

Youngsville Oct. 3-4-5.  8 runs  5 Q’s   2 QQ’s  Four 1st Places  One 2nd Place  69 PACH Pts.

Autumn Winds Oct 18-19      4 runs  2 Q’s  Two 1st Places  18 PACH Points


Moore Co. Oct. 24-26   6 runs   6 Q’s  3 QQ’s   Four 2nd Places  One 3rd Place  One 1st Place  for    80 PACH Pts.

Bonnie Eckhoff had her pretty ones at the Gordon Setter Nationals at the end of September.

Sioux and Dru earned their RAE titles!!!  Sioux won HIGH COMBINED in Rally!!!

And Dru, drum roll please, is the #3 Gordon Setter in the U.S. A. in Rally!!  Woo Woo!!


Marny Temple and Mick traveled to Asheville for the Golden Retriever Nationals. Mick strutted his stuff and made his mom and dad very proud in a very large class.  The boy made the cut and received a hard  (good) look by the judge. Making that cut was exciting all in itself!


Stephanie Lowe and Susan Jackson Smith traveled to the St. Louis area to show the Kioehroojendk’s.  I know Stephanie went to the Group (and placed) several times while there. More news on their wins in the next issue!



October 2014: BRAGS: We have a LOT of them!!!

At the Ibizan Hound Club of America Agility trial held at Ralston Purina:  (GUS) MACH2 Likalot The Aviator greatly loved and trained by Gwyn Scheidt did some mighty fine runs! 9/9/2014  *Time 2 Beat – Score: (Q) 1st Place 10 Pts * Master Standard – 16 Inch – Score: (Q) 3rd Place 16 MACH Pts, * Master JWW – 16 Inch – Score: (Q)  4 MACH Pts * these qualifying runs in STD and JWW makes him earn QQ # 63!  9/10/2014  *Time 2 Beat – 16 Inch – Score: (Q) 1st Place 10 Pts, *Master JWW – 16 Inch – Score: (Q) 4 MACH Pts Ruffian‘s Aussie Black Heart. Did some great things too! 9/9/2014 *Time 2 Beat – (Q) 7 Pts *Open JWW – Score: 95 (Q) 1st Place 9/10/2014 *Open Standard – Score: 100 (Q)   1st Place AT THE CURLY COATED RETRIEVER CLUB HELD AT RALSTON PURINA:  9/15/14 (Gus) MACH2 Likalot The Aviator CD RE MXC MJC XF T2B THD, *MASTER STD Score (Q) 3rd Place, *MASTER FAST Score (Q) 1st Place (Ruffian) Ruffian’s Ausie Black Heart, *OPEN STD 16inch Score 100 (Q) 1st Place, *Open JWW Score 95 (Q) 1st Place, *FAST Novice B Score (Q)

1st Place Samba Arbogast made her mama proud too. The following is from Andrea:  Home from a fun weekend of UKI agility. (9-27/28) The weather was perfect, and the courses were challenging! Samba qualified in Snooker yesterday and regular agility today, earning her Beginner International Dog title. She had gorgeous jumping and speedstaes runs today– knocked bars kept her from Q-ing but her times were great. Need to work on keeping bars up, especially on rear crosses, and weave pole entries. I was really happy with how she did in this tough venue. Our next trials will be ASCA

and then AKC Dave Moore and Pepper are only getting better! The team traveled to Richmond, Va. 9/19-21/14. On Friday they earned a Double Q and a 2nd Open FAST leg taking 1st place.  On Sunday, in JWW they earned 4th place with another Q.

Larry Jenkins and Pistol Pete went HIT at the Durham KC trial from Novice B with a score of 196 ½!!  At the Raleigh KC trial in Novice B they took 1st AND earned their CD title with a 194 ½ ! They were not finished… At the Winston Salem KC trial the team earned a 2nd and a 4th place too!!

Junior Ashtyn Yankay and her Australian Cattle Dog, Xena, received their 1st leg in Rally Advance with a 3rd place win. Go Girl!  They went onto earning their Beginner Novice title in Winston Salem!

Mom, Sharon Yankay, wasn’t just sitting back being very proud of her daughter; she was showing how it is done herself. Phoenix received her 1st leg in Rally Advance with a 4th place on 9-19-14. Then on 9-20-14 they earned their 2nd Beginner Novice leg. That same day they earned 4th place and a 2nd Rally Advance leg. On 9-21-14, the team earned a 2nd place and a NEW TITLE in Beginner Novice. NICE!!!!

Lu Piver and Dobies Miles and Rose were in Lynchburg, Va. 9/20-21/14. NEW TITLE for Miles in Rally Advance. The next day they earned their 1st leg in Rally Excellent.   Rose was not going to be out shown by “brother” Miles.  On Saturday, she earned her 1st leg in Rally Advance. On Sunday she earned her 2nd leg in Rally Advance. She then went over to Traditional Obedience and earned their 1st leg in Novice A.  Yes!

Bonnie Eckhoff was also in Lynchburg with Sioux and Dru doing some winning too.  Bonnie and the Gordons waited for the Gordon Setter Nationals to really shine and show them how it is done! Both Sioux and Dru earned their RAE titles! Sioux also won HIGH COMBINED in Rally!!!!!!  More BREAKING NEWS on Sioux – she (and Bonnie of course) earned her AKC Therapy Dog title.

Some of our “older” members will remember youngster Allison Johnston and her Affenpinscher, Tucker coming to classes, and growing up at ADTC. She went onto becoming a top Junior Handler in the Breed Ring, AND an AKC Junior Handler Judge.  Her newest accomplishment is another great one. Allison is now a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist.  Dr. Allison Johnston now lives and practices in Florida.  I KNOW mom, Cathey Johnston is very proud.  We are too!


This is a double announcement (goes in the BRAGS too!). Barbara and Larry Bray have a new sable and white 9 month old Sheltie named “Solange Justified Raylon”. This boy is already winning in the breed ring (at Regional Specialties no less) on 9/20-21/14 in Chesapeake, Va. Raylon earned 2 majors for 6 points at the shows!!  The boy already has his majors out of the way and will be continuing his winning ways.  I have seen him on the agility obstacles and he will be another winner in that arena too!

Cathey Johnston is a new “grandmother” or is that actually “great-grandmother” to three little Affenpinscher pups from Allison’s little girl.

Long Time ADTC Member Katelyn Locklear Bishop and hubby Patrick welcomed a baby girl into their lives the end of the summer.  Adalyn is simply beautiful and her grandmomma Annie is all smiles!  Congratulations to this wonderful family!


December 2013:

Bonnie Eckhof proudly as a “mom” would, told us Dru (Gordon Setter) earned his Jr. Hunter Title and now he has a BBB title with the Gordon Setter Club. This is like a versatility title.  YEAH Dru!
Diane Dargay beamed too that Jackson (Gordon Setter) won his first points going Winners Dog recently, following that up with earning his Beginner Novice Obedience Title!
Sharon Yankay glowed telling us Phoenix (Dobe) has earned a rating from the Doberman Club in that she has passed ALL health testing for the breed.  This is HARD to earn and the girl did it!

December 2011 BRAGS:   As always, we got ‘em, and they are good! Agility Missy and “Libby” Gordon competed in CZPZ NADAC Agility trial in Chapel Hillon Nov. 12 & 13.  The qualified in 2 Novice runs, 1 Novice Weavers and 1 Novice Jumpers.  They earned their Novice Jumpers Title and Novice Weavers Title. Also in Chapel Hill, Andrea and “Lola” Arbogast also competed in the CZPZ NADAC Agility trial.  They had several nice runs and earned a Q in Open Jumpers. Barbara Johansen’s Poodle, “Oliver”, qualified in Novice JWW in Concord on Nov. 18 – his first time out! “Pepper”, owned and loved by Dave Moore, earned her Novice JWW Title in Concord with JWW and STDNG on Thursday, 2 1st places on Friday and on Saturday a 1st NG. Also at Concord, Harriet’s Cameron had 6 nice runs.  Unfortunately “Mom” managed to make a small mistake in 5 of them.  The sixth run they qualified with 2nd place.  Harriet’s granddaughter ran her dog twice in Agility. “Hazel” Doxey (with Mom, Janet) had 2 perfect scores and earned 14 MACH points in Agility while at the Concord Cluster. Conformation Sharon Yankey’s “Phoenix” went Winners Bitch on Saturday inConcordfor a 3 point major. Phoenixonly needs 2 more points for her Championship title. On 11/19 Bonnie Eckhoff’s boy, “Dru” took Best of Breed. Hunt Testing Nine year old Brittany, “Dixie”, (Mom Susan Jackson) qualified on Sat. & Sun. Nov. 12 & 13, at the Sandhill Pointing Breeds Club hunt test to earn her Senior Hunter title. Rally Obedience At the Concord Shows, Janet and “Hazel” Doxey earned their RAE title in Rally on 11/19. Lila & “Lilly” McDowell say:  Thanks to Bonnie Eckhoff’s handling,  “Lilly” finished her RN title at Concord with scores of 93 on Friday and 83 on Saturday. Also at Concord, Bonnie Eckhoff’s boy, “Dru” earned his RN Title.  The next two days Bonnie and her girl, “Sioux” earned their 2nd RE leg with a 3rd place ribbon, and finished their RE Title! Other Special Things Bonnie Eckhoff’s girl, “Sioux”, earned her BBB/GSCA Award.  The BBB stands for Beauty, Brains and Birds!  What a multi-talented girl! TINA MORAN AWARD Winner for 2011 is Dave Moore!  Congratulations Dave, you deserve it! BOO TEMPLE SPIRIT AWARD Winner for 2011 is Bonnie Eckhoff’s girl, English Setter, “Holly”. November 2011 Agility     At the Charlotte Kennel Club, Harriet Rood’s Cameron took 1st place in Standard Ex. A. At Autumn Winds, Andrea Abrogast’s Zoe earned her 1st leg in Standard Agility Novice Preferred and earned a Blue Ribbon. At AARF/NADAC Agility Trial, Libby Gordon (Missy) earned a Q in weavers and Tunnelers.  At the Leaps and Bounds NADAC Agility inOxfordNCshe earned Qs in Standard, Weavers, Jumpers and Tunnelers.  She earned her Novice Tunnelers Title TN-N. At AARF/NADAC Agility Trial, Lola Abrogast (Andrea) earned her novice Jumpers title and earned Q’s in Open Tunnelers, and Novice Touch and Go.  At the Leaps and Bounds NADAC trial, she earned 2 Qs and 2 2nd places in Open Jumpers and Novice Weavers. Niki Bray (Barbara) finished hisAKCExcellent JWW Title atAutumnWindsAgilityCenteron October 22.  He received a First Place Ribbon. Conformation     At Hanover Kennel Club, Sharon Yankey’s Phoenix(Dobe) went Winner’s Bitch for her 10th point. Mick, shown by co-owner Stephanie Temple, at the Hanover KC show, October 15th and 16th, won his class both days, getting RWD both days as well.  Then Mick traveled to Charlotte, NC, October 29th and 30th, showed in four shows and returned home an International Champion!  His Momma and Daddy are soooo proud! Other Special Things Marny & Steph had a new arrival last month, a new puppy, Wicklow Playin’ with Fire, aka Maddie!!  She’s a dollbaby, altho they noticed that she is the oddest Golden Retriever pup they’ve ever seen!  She’s red and has a LONG nose!  Actually, they discovered that she is actually an Irish Setter and she’s adorable!  Maddie is residing with Steph, Bry and kids…. so, Steph has rejoined theADTCFamily!  😉  Glory has appointed herself Maddie’s new Mom and takes her duties very seriously, by turns dotting on her and ‘tutoring’ her as a Momma dog does!  All the while Mick is still trying to figure out that since he’s the baby of the family, why would they need another?! From Lila:  Just wanted to share my Lilly’s story….back in September, I was asked by a girlfriend who teaches kindergarten in New Hanover Countyto please send her some pictures of my Lilly.  She explained that she has a student she was concerned about because of separation anxiety from her mom.  Her name is Liliana aka Lilie.  For the first week of school she cried everyday all day long.   My girlfriend, Ms. Antley, thought about what she could do and she came up with my Lilly.  She told Liliana that she had a friend named Lilly but she was a dog and she was going to have her send a picture and note to her. THE FIRST PICTURE:   The following Monday, Ms Antley put her plan into action with picture in hand of Lilly.   She wrote a note on the picture to Liliana ..stating…Hi Lilie…my name is Lilly too..and I’m here to be your friend.    The picture was placed on Liliana’s desk before she came into the class.   On cue as soon as mom was ready to leave she started crying.  Ms. Antley told her she had something on her desk she might like.   Ms. Antley told me later that her eyes lite up and she quit crying. Everyday, Ms. Antley put a new picture of Lilly on her desk with a little note.   By the end of that week, Liliana could care less whether her mom was there or not.  She would run to her desk to see the new picture and note from Lilly.  We have continued this with her and she seems to have perked up. THE ILLNESS:  After a couple of weeks of notes and pictures…Liliana got sick..the doctors thought she had bronchitis; however, she actually had pneumonia.  She also was diagnosed with asthma after the fact.  Sending pictures and notes home with Liliana’s homework was the ticket….Liliana’s mother called Ms. Antley and told her that this has helped her daughter so much that she can’t believe the transformation in her little girl. LILIANA’S PICTURE:  I received a picture last night at dinner with the Antley’s.   The note at the bottom of the picture says: “Hi Lilly, I just wanted to say thank you for your pictures.   They helped me feel better.  And to show you my pumpkin.  Love your friend, Lilie”. Every time I talk to Ms. Antley, she tells me something new that Liliana is getting better with…she has opened up more and is really getting into school now.  We will continue to send pictures to her to give to Liliana and we are both looking forward to the two of them meeting in person a little later on at school so I can get pictures of both of them together.  October 2011  Agility A HUGE congratulations to Susan Jackson and Louie for completing both their PAX and PACH Agility Titles in Columbia, SC this past Friday, September 30.  This is a major accomplishment for this team.  The PAX requires 20 Double Q’s in Excellent B Standard and Excellent B Jumps with Weaves Preferred and the PACH requires the 20 Double Q’s as well as 750 Points.  Susan and Louie are the first ADTC Members to earn these distinguished titles in agility.  Conformation On 9/3/11 at the Durham K. C. Dru earned Reserve WD and on 9/4 in Raleigh WDBOW for 1 pt.n Raleigh WDBOW for 1 pt. Rally Obedience This is just in from Marny: Dave, Mick and I just got home from the Golden Retriever National in Conyers, GA….. we had a GReat time!!  Mick earned his RAE Title at the National, which is just the way we, Mick & I!, planned it!!  Mick was shown in the Breed Ring by his Sire’s owner, Carrie Rosenkeotter and tho we’ve been telephone and email buds for years, it was our first meeting in person!  and that Carrie thought Mick good enough that she would show him, well, we were stoked!!  Carrie groomed the boy to his very finest (and yes, I took notes!) and he behaved beautifully for her!  Dave and I are such proud parents!  I have to add that of the 48 dogs in the same class with Mick, only Mick and six others had titles at the ends of their names….. Bonnie and her Gordon Setters have been busy!  On 9/2/11at the Alamance K. C. Sioux earned her 1st RE leg and on 9/5 in Cary Dru earned his 2nd RN leg. Janet Doxey and Hazel attended the Tarheel Cluster and in Rally she earned 1st place in RE with a 99, 2nd place in RA with a 98 and her 8th RAE leg. Traditional Obedience Janet Doxey and Hazel attended the Tarheel Cluster in Raleigh.  In Obedience Hazel earned her 2nd leg CDX with a 1st place and her 3rd leg CDX with a 1st place. Other Special Things Karen has a new Collie puppy named Nellie Belle.  She is cute as can be! Netop appeared on the local show “Gracie’s Friends”. Missy Gordon and Libby attended the Lee Regional Fair in Sanford.  This was their first event since Missy’s return from Afghanistan.  Libby earned a 5th place in the Junior Finals. September 2011 to come August 2011 to come July 2011 Agility Beacon Bray, Sheltie, handled Barb, had a score of 100 in Excellent B Standard at the Moore County Agility Trial inSanford,NC on June 12 and earned 10 MACH Points. Niki Bray, Papillon, and Barb earned their first agility title at the Moore County Agility Trial inSanford.  Niki completed hisAKC Novice JWW title with a score of 95 and receiveda 3RD Place Ribbon. Niki completed his Novice Jumpers Title and received a Third Place Ribbon. On June 25-27, Niki and Barb had a wonderful agility weekend at the Central Carolina Poodle Club Agility Trial inSanford,NC.  Niki completed his Novice Standard Title and received a First Place Ribbon on Friday. On Satuday Niki got his first leg in Open JWW and again received a First Place Ribbon. On Sunday Niki got his First leg in Open Standard and received his third First Place Ribbon for the weekend. Janet Doxey and Hazel were also at the Central Carolina Poodle Club Agility Trial in Sanford, NC and they earned Ex.B Std – 4th place, qualified at Ex. B JWW and earned 18 MACH points.  They qualified in Ex. B Std. Title leg MX and earned 8 MACH points and 4th place. In Sanford at the Moore Co. Kennel Club Agility Trials, Susan Jackson and Louie qualified once in Ex. B Std. Preferred and once in Ec. B JSS.  At the Central Carolina Poodle club Louie qualified 5 out of 6 runs (4 2nd place and 1 3rd place) earning his MJP5 title and his 15th and 16th Double Q’s. Harriet Rood says, “My 13 year old granddaughter has been hooked for Agility and is currently attending the Shadow Hill Kennel camp for kids and their dogs.  She will ‘graduate’ by running their Agility course.” Conformation Kay Rodger’s dog QUEST went Best of Breed at the Havana Silk Dog Regional inRichmond,VA on June 25. Rally Obedience Dave and Pepper, earned 2 RAE legs in Richmond,Va.  They now have a total of 7. Other Special Things Dave Moore’s daughter, Carrie, earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from theUniversity ofDenver. June 2011 to come May 2011 to come April 2011 Agility Beacon Bray will be recognized by the American Shetland Sheepdog Association in the 2010 ASSA Handbook in the Advanced Titlist Pedigree Section for obtaining hisAKCMaster Agility Excellent Title (MX) and hisAKCMaster Excellent Jumper Title (MXJ). Andrea Arbogast and Lola attended the NADAC Lance Memorial Trial.  Lola qualified twice with 2 1st place in both Tunnelers and Regular Agility.  She also earned her Novice, titles in both events and a 1st  place in Touch & Go and 2nd place in Weavers, and she passed her CGC exam. Conformation On 3-25 Bonnie Eckhoff and Dru participated in the Gordon Setter Group 3 Sporting Match.  On 3-26 Dru was 1st in Puppy Class (9-12 months) and on 3-27 he was Reserve Winner Dog to 3 point Major. In Charlotte,NC Phoenix(Dobe) went reserve winners bitch on Sat. 4-9 and then on Sun. 4-11 went Winners bitch and Best Opposite for 1 point. Ashtyn placed 2nd (out of 5) in Jrs. on 3-25 inRaleigh, and that night at the match she placed 2nd (out of 4) in Jrs. She also won her class in Concord in Jrs. In Raleigh, Mick Temple was shown by Katelyn Locklear and rec’d two 2nd places in the Breed Ring Rally Obedience At the Raleigh Rally Competition sponsored by the Raleigh Kennel Club Janet Doxey and Hazel represented the club very well.  On 3-26: RE-B score 100 2nd place and RA-B score 100 3rd place and she earned her 5th RAE leg.  On 3-27: RE-B score 100 1st place and RA-B score 99 1st place and 6th RAE leg. Still in Raleigh, Sharon Yankey’s Annie (Dobe) qualified for her 2nd leg in Rally Advance on 3-26.  InConcord, Annie qualified for her 3rd leg in Rally advance (and got her RA title) on 4-2. Super Rally Student, Sweet Jean Stack and her girl, Zoe (GSD) earned RE Legs 2 & 3 for their Rally Excellent Title in Raleigh. Then in Concord Jean and Zoe earned their 1st RAE Leg. On 3-27 in Raleigh, Bonnie Eckhoff and her girl, Sioux, earned her Rally Novice title. In Raleigh, Marny Temple’s Mick earned his 5th and 6th RAE Legs, while sister Glory worked hard to deal with distractions. During the Speedway Classic (Concord): Glory Temple earned her 3rd RAE II Leg and Mick earned his 7th RAE Leg. Therapy Dogs Wendy Yandow and Whoopi were recognized by Elderhaus PACE for their volunteer service.  Elderhaus is an adult day care facility where they visit every week as a Therapy Dog team. Beacon Bray (Sheltie) and Niki Bray (Papillon) have each completed their required tests and supervised visits to become certified by Therapy Dogs Incorporated. A BIG THANKS to Kay Rodgers for all the hard work she does in training, testing and supervising our Therapy Teams.  She does and awesome job in coordinating this time consuming responsibility. Traditional Obedience On 3-24 at the Alamance Kennel Club O.T.CH. Gunner, VCO-2 1st Utility 195.5, 2nd Open B 195 and won his 32nd High Scoring Dog in Show.  On 3-25 at the Durham Kennel club earned a 1st place in Utility with a score of 197. Other Special Things Ashtyn Yankey has been accepted to Pender Early College High school starting in August of this year.  Way to go Ashtyn!!! ********************** November 2010 Agility Libby Gordon and Mom, Missy, were at the ASCA trial in Mebane. Missy said, “Had a great time at a small trial.  Great environment to get Libby used to performing agility outdoors.  We earned one Q in Novice Standard Agility and 2 Qs in Novice Jumpers. Her two Qs in Jumpers earned her a Jumpers Standard – Novice title. Not too bad for her second trial.”     YEAH!! At Bon-Clyde October 30 and 31: Louie Jackson (Cardigan Corgi) won 1st in Exc. Std. Preferred on Saturday and Sunday in Sanford at the Moore Co. Kennel Club agility trials. To say the least, we know Susan smiled, big time!! Beacon Bray (Sheltie), handled by Vickie Gillow for Barbara, double Q’d Sat. and Sun.  They took a 3rd in Exc. B Standard, and a 2nd in Exc. B JWW for 40 MACH points on Saturday. Then on Sunday, the team took a 1st in Exc. B JWW and a 2nd place in Exc. B Standard for 50 more MACH points.  That’s a total of 90 MACH Points!!!! Hazel Doxey (Pembroke Corgi) double Q’d Saturday with a 1st place in Exc. B Standard and a 4th in Exc. B JWW. Then Sun. she got a 3rd place in Exc. B Standard. She also accumulated 22 MACH points!!  Way to go Janet and Hazel!! Our newest member Andrea Arbogast and her Aussie, Lola did great at their first trial! They came home with 3 Qs and 3 blue ribbons. She double Q’d her first day in Standard & Jumps with Weaves, and had a clean JWW run. She Q’d in JWW on Sunday, so she now has 2 legs of her Novice Jumpers title and 1 leg of her Novice Standard title. Larry Jenkins and Gunner earned their 1st leg in Exc. B JWW on Saturday and their 1st leg in Exc. B Standard on Sunday.  Way to go boys!! Gwyn Scheidt and Gus were also running and doing great at Bon-Clyde, earning 21 MACH Points with their Double Q’s!!! Obedience, Traditional Sharon Yankay’s Annie (Dobe) placed 4th in Veteran’s Obedience at the Doberman Pinscher Nationals in Kansas. Dock Diving Missy Gordon and Libby (Toller) earned another 6th place finish in the Junior Big Air finals at the Pet Essentials Fall Paw Dive in Charlotte, NC October 23rd and 24th. Neither dock nor bumper can hold this jumping dog back!!!  Congratulations! Conformation Sharon Yankay’s youngster Phoenix placed 4th in the Bred By class at the Nationals. Showing Phoenix in the Junior Handling class at the Hanover Kennel Club on 10/16/10, Ashlyn Yankay (13 yrs old) took the class!! At the Hanover Kennel Club show on Saturday, 10/16/10, Zumba Gagne took Winners Bitch making her mama, Pat smile.  Then Richa-Sha went on to take Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and BEST OF BREED both Saturday and Sunday. Tell me Pat AND Dennis were not smiling BIG TIME!!!!  Way to go!! Other Special Things Ashlyn Yankay has also been inducted into the National Beta Club!!  SMART young woman!! Jackie Karch’s boy, Netop, performed at the “Wagshag” on Sunday, October 24th. On Saturday, the 30th he was at SOAR doing what he does best!  This was extra special as “big sister” Ruby came from SOAR. BRAGS for October 2010 Canine Good Citizen Certification & Therapy Dog Testing Niki Bray (Pap) earned his CGC title in September making “mama” Barbara very happy. Beacon Bray (Sheltie) and Niki passed their Therapy Dog tests given by Kay. They are now working on their three supervised visits to complete their certification. Making smiles! Tucker McDowell (Lab) with Lila by his side also earned his CGC, and passed the test part of Therapy Dog certification.  He too must complete his supervised visits for his certification.  Piece of cake! Janet Doxey and her little girl Hazel (Pembroke Corgi) passed the first part of their Therapy Dog Certification and are now in the supervised visit phase.  NO DOUBT they will soon have TD added to the long list of letters behind her name!!!! On 9/11/10, Mick Temple (Golden) passed his TDInc testing.  He has been on one supervised visit and only needs two to be eligible to be certified!!  (Big sister, Glory, was there supervising the class and played her role as demo dog AND ‘friendly dog on a walk’ in a very nice fashion!) Agility On October 1 in Columbia, SC, Louie Jackson (Cardigan Corgi) earned 1st place in Exc. B Jumpers Preferred.  On October 2, he earned 1st place in Exc. Standard Preferred.  On October 3, Louie earned 1st place in Exc. B Jumpers Preferred.  AW RIGHT!! Mom, Susan is smiling! Larry Jenkins and Gunner (Terv) were also in Columbia.  The team earned his Excellent Standard Title in less than 6 months with a 3rd and a 4th place!!!  Way to go Boys!! Barbara Bray’s Beacon ran Agility in Columbia,SC on October 1st earning Beacon’s 3rd Double Q in Exc. B Standard and Exc. B Jumpers with Weaves. He earned a 4th place in Exc. B Standard and a 3rd place in Exc. B Jumpers. Beacon earned 37 MACH points giving him a total of 391 points!!  Vicky Gillow, former ADTC member, ran Beacon for Barbara at this trial.  Congrats to all three of you!! Obedience, Traditional On October 4th, Sharon Yankay was in Kansas at the Doberman Pinscher Nationals.  Annie was shown in Obedience earning 2 legs towards her CD.  YEAH!!! In the past few months, Dave Moore and his girl Pepper (Toller), earned their 1st two legs toward their UKC Novice Obedience title! Obedience, Rally Over the summer, Dave Moore and his girl Pepper, earned their UKC Rally Level 1 title! On 8/28/10, at their very first UKC Rally trial, sponsored by the CUPU group, at Durham KC, Glory (Golden) earned her first ROL1 leg with a score of 98 and a 3rd place and baby brother Mick earned his first leg with a score of 84. On 10/9/10, at the United Poodle Club, in Hickory, NC, Mick earned his 2nd leg toward his UKC Rally Level 1 title.  Glory (our resident ‘chicken little’) got a ‘not quite’, but tried very hard in a building that was a VERY scary place to her! On 10/10/10, at the United Poodle Club, in Hickory, NC, Mick earned his UKC Rally Level 1 title with a score of 89 and rec’d a lovely rosette marking same!!  Glory earned her 2nd leg toward her UKC Rally Level 1 title with a very respectable score of 93! Dock Diving September 17th – 19th saw Libby Gordon (Toller) flying through the air at the Lee Regional Fair “under the lights”.  She earned a new personal best jump of 14 feet 6 inches, taking 6th place in Junior Finals.  Yippeee! Missy and Libby were at the Holly Springs Dog Days in the Park on September 25th and 26th earning a 5th place in Junior Finals.  Way to go girls!!! Conformation Sharon Yankay’s youngster, Phoenix (Dobe), made the cut in a very large 12-18 month Sweepstakes class.  She then went on to take a 3rd in her Regular Class.  Way to go!  I have always heard that ANY kind of ribbon at a National breed show is like winning first at an all-breed show. CONGRATS!! On 9/4, 9/5, & 9/6/10  Mick, shown by former ADTC Member, Katelyn Locklear, earned a Blue ribbon in the Am Bred class at the Durham KC show, the Salisbury KC show and the Raleigh KC show, respectively, of the Tarheel Cluster. On 10/17/10 at the Hanover KC Show, Mick won his class; went Winners Dog and Best Opposite, beautifully handled by Katelyn Locklear.  And Mick, who is getting more and more comfortable in the ring; presented himself in a “look at me!” manner! Other Special Things Tom Hudgin and Barbara Johansen were at the Southeast Regional with their Grand Champion Llama, Matador.  They came home with SEVEN HUGE RIBBONS!!! Barbara Bray’s Dad, Skip, turned 98 this past September and still going strong!!!  Loves to eat out, get out and have a beer! O.T.Ch Ch Brenmar’s Freedom Frohter, VCD-2, UDX-TD, OM-2 better known to us as Gunner Jenkins has been invited to the AKC National Invitational in California.  This is Gunner’s 3rd consecutive year of being invited!!! On 8/25-26/10, Mick was in a Celebrex commercial filmed at Wrightsville Beach, NC.  Laura Blanz and her Corgi Murphy (ADTC students), were also in the commercial, so look for them!!  As this was Mick’s first ‘acting job’, everyone was very pleased with his work!  (God bless Obedience dogs!!)  Mick and the actor who portrayed Mick’s owner got along swimmingly and Mick brought many smiles and giggles to the cast!  (He IS a very silly boy!!)  The Celebrex commercial debuted on October 5th and is running on all major channels.  (Dave and I have only seen the ‘tail end’ of the commercial thus far, but others have told us that Mick did the GR breed proud!) On 10/16/10, at the Tarheel Golden Retriever Club Certificate of Conformation Assessment Event, Mick got his certification from three wonderful and knowledgeable judges at this event at Durham KC!  And his Momma got a terrific lesson in what makes a Golden a Golden!! BRAGS for September 2010 Agility Larry Jenkins and Gunner (Terv) attended the Border Terrier Club of America Agility Trial on 8-7-10.  The team earned their 2nd leg in Excellent Jumpers with  a 2nd place, and then the next day earned his first leg in Excellent Standard with a 1st place and earned his Excellent Jumpers title with a 1st place!   AW RIGHT!! Also at the Border Terrier Trial were Barbara Bray and her speedster Bobby (Sheltie). They brought home his 20th score of 100 and a Q in Excellent B Standard, earning 8 MACH points!!   Whew, if you look away, you’ll miss him. He’s fast!!! At the August 14-15 Agility Trial in Concord, NC, Beacon Bray handled by former ADTC member Vicky Gillow, earned his 2nd Double Q in Excellent B Standard and Excellent B JWW and received 28 MACH points.  Vicky said in Jumpers she just ran as fast as she could, not even having time to look down, and Beacon followed!!! Beacon Bray also came home with a new title, His Master Excellent Jumper Title (MXJ)!  This title is earned when a dog completes 10 perfect runs in Jumpers with scores of 100 after earning their AKC Excellent JWW title.  Needless to say, he has one happy mom as Beacon now holds the same titles as his father Bobby, and “brother” Focus (Pap). On 8-22-10 Janet Doxey and Hazel (Pembroke Corgi) traveled to Danville Kennel Club Agility Trial in Greensboro, NC. This flying team earned a 4th place in Excellent B Jumpers with Weaves and earned 5 MACH points!! Way to go girls! Obedience, Rally We hade some members going to Durham trying their hands at UKC Rally, coming home with some mighty fine scores.  UKC is a bit different and harder in some respects than AKC.  For example, in AKC you can do a do-over and lose points or may not do a station completely correct but not NQ, but in UKC you can do a do-over but you HAVE to get it right and if you do a station wrong, you can NQ.  Marny Temple and her “kids” Glory (Golden Retrievers) did us all proud with a 98 anda 3rd place ribbon (first in the ring!!) and Mick got an 84 on 8/28/10.  Dave Moore was also in Durham at the UKC Obedience/Rally Trial entering traditional obedience trials. Pepper did well in Novice A with a 95 and a first place!!! Rally Student Team, Sweet Jean Stack and her GSD Zoe, also attended this trial and a lovely job! At the Tarheel Cluster in Raleigh, were Janet Doxey and Hazel  (Pem. Corgi) for their AKC Rally RAE. Thursday the team earned a 95 in Excellent B and a 99 in Advanced B. With wonderful scores like these, no placements!  Well, we are mighty proud! Janet said there was some tough competition.  On Friday the team earned a 99 in Excellent B with 2nd place. Yeah! In Advance B they took a 3rd place with a 97 score!  Janet and Hazel have 2 legs now towards their RAE, with 8 more to go.  They WILL do it! Conformation Bonnie Eckhoff’s Macalder Onyx “Sioux” (Gordon Setter) took a 3 point major in Spartanburg on 8/1/10. Yeah!  We knew she could do it!! Sioux Eckhoff is now a champion!   She won a 4 pt major and went Best of Breed over 2 specials on 8//27/10.  YAHOOO! At the Raleigh Cluster on 9-2-10, Sharon Yankay’s Phoenix (Dobe) went Winners Bitch for 1 point.  This youngster is on her way towards her championship!  On 9-6-10 Phoenix took Winners again and also went Best Opposite Sex for 1 point.  She now has a total of 4 points. Nice Going! Other Special Things Bonnie’s English Setter, Holly Rae is doing well at Rehab (ECVR). Bonnie says “those people are wonderful!”  She also thanks everyone for their prayers and well wishes. NEWSFLASH: Holly was up walking and was trying Rally again this past Monday!! Captain Missy Gordon is proud and happy as all her Marines are back home safe and sound after months of deployment.  Thank you Missy for yours and your men and women’s sacrifice for our country.  Again, THANK YOU. August 2010 Agility At the Tarheel Weimaraner Club agility trial in Sanford, Louie Jackson (Corgi) made his mom Susan mighty happy going 1st in ExB Preferred JWW on Saturday.  On Sunday he placed 2nd in ExB Preferred Std and 1st in ExB Preferred JWW.  This was his 7th Double Q!  On Friday, July 30th, in Greenville, SC, Louie earned his first Open A leg!!!!! Other Special Things From Jackie Karch, writing for Netop!  Great article in the Fayetteville newspaper! Jackie said:  “I thought it was a good article – the only error was the price of his most expensive painting…I think Kim took the price from his website paintings…The most expensive painting he did went for $500 at the ‘Heart Ball’.” July 2010 Agility Past member, Vicky Gillow, will be running Beacon Bray for Barbara soon. Watch this team fly in Agility! Celenda James’ Yorkie, Sparky, completed his AXJ (Excellent Jumpers) title with a 1st place in Exc A JWW on 6-13-10 at the Moore County Agility Trial in Sanford. “Godmother” and team partner Susan Jackson was very proud of their run. Mom, Celenda is way over the top happy! Susan Jackson’s Cardigan Corgi, Louie, completed his MXP title with a 1st place in Exc B Standard Preferred on 6-12-10 at the Moore County Agility Trial.  He also won 1st in Exc B JWW Preferred for his 6th Double Q. At the Central Carolina Poodle Club trial in Sanford on 6-13-10, Louie won 1st in Exc B JWW Preferred. On 6-25-10 the boy won 1st in Exc B JWW Preferred. On 6-25-10 he won 1st in Exc B JWW Preferred, and on the 26th he won a 2nd place in Exc B JWW Preferred. Louie prefers blue so on 6-27-10 he earned another 1st place in Exc B JWW Preferred.  WHEW! This boy, and Susan of course, have done some mighty fine work! Janet Doxey was also running her little girl Pembroke Corgi, Hazel, at the Moore County Agility Trial.  On 6-13-10 in Exc B JWW the team earned a 3rd place, and qualified in Exc B Standard. Go girls!  They earned their 1st Double Q and 18 MACH Points toward their MACH.  On 6-26-10, they traveled to Sanford for the Central Carolina poodle Club Agility Trial and earned a 4th place in Exc B JWW and 3 more MACH points! Larry Jenkins and Gunner (Terv) were running in Moore County too!  On 6-12-10 the team earned a 1st in Open Standard and a 1st in Open JWW!  The next day, they took a 2nd in Open JWW.  Way to go Guys!  On 6-25-10 the team ran some more in Sanford at the Central Carolina Poodle trial, earning a 2nd in Open Standard on 6-25-10. They went onto a 1st in Open JWW earning their OAJ title!!!  This win gave Gunner his AKC Versatile Companion Dog II title.  Yeah!  Hey, they were not finished. On 6-26-10 the team earned their OA title!!  On 6-27-10 the team took another 1st place in the AXJ class!! Other Special Things Tom Hudgin’s latest book, The Andros Connection,  is now out!  If you want one, please let Tom know! Netop was once again helping others.  On July 10th at Independence Mall, Netop was painting the Women of Hope’s fundraiser.  One of his paintings was to be raffled off to help raise funds for this great organization. June 2010 Agility Larry would like to thank Susan Jackson for helping him in his Agility Training for assisting O.T.Ch. Ch. Gunner,UDX,TD,NA,NAJ become ADTC’s first AKC Versatile Companion Dog. This is one of AKC’s newest titles that can be earned with a LOT of time and hard work. CONGRATULATIONS Larry, and Susan. Obedience, Traditional On the 22nd Larry Jenkins and Gunner (Belgian Terv) placed 3rd in Utility and 2nd in Open B for his 28th High Combined Scoring Dog in a show.  Go Boys!  The next day, the team earned a 2nd in Utility and a 1st in Open B for Gunner’s 20th High in Trial and 29th High Combined!!!!!  Oh Yeah! Dock Diving Missy Gordon’s Libby (Toller) earned her Junior Jumper Regional title at the Old Mill Dock Diving Event in Sanford, NC May 2nd and had a personal best jump of 14 feet and 3 inches!  Libby placed 5th in the Junior finals in Georgia on May 23rd.  This 4-legged girl can fly! Pictures of the events can be found in Dog Living Magazine this month and the Wrightsville Beach magazine. Conformation Sharon Yankay and Phoenix (Doberman) did well.  On May 22nd the girl went Reserve Winners Bitch.  On the 23rd, she went WINNERS BITCH for another point!!!  This puppy is going to only get better and better.  Girl Power!  Sharon also showed a Basenji puppy for someone. With a puppy she had not handled before, Sharon knew what was needed as she took Winners and put the points on the Puppy! Other Special Things Patrick Temple (age 7 yrs) was awarded his “Tiger Cub” Badge at the last Blue and Gold.  Paddy worked on this rank advancement for the past year!! Nathan Temple (age 10 yrs) not only passed his EOG‘s a few weeks back, but did most of the testing with a broken wrist that was throbbing all the time…… and he placed in the 97th percentage of all New Hanover County students in the Science category of the testing!   Paddy and Nathan are sons of Stephanie and Bryan…… and Marny and Dave’s Grandboys!  Dave Moore’s daughter Tonya, an OBGYN nurse at Duke recently earned a Double Master Degree in Women’s Family Health, AND she made straight A’s for two years!   Sharon Yankay’s daughter Ashlyn, received straight A’s this year and earned her place as a Marshall at Graduation.  Ashlyn is also one of a very few 7th Graders who were chosen/invited to take the SAT early (like years early!)!!  Captain Missy Gordon has a brag for herself too, even though she did not have it down as a brag… She has recently been given command of 150 soldiers of “her own” instead of a mixture of others coming to her.   I personally, and I am sure there are others among us, that want to thank Missy and her fellow Marines for all the hard work and sacrifice they do for US, which can be read as “us” or as U.S., The United States of America! Not too long ago we almost “lost” her for awhile because of deployment, which lucky for us was changed.  Let’s hope she gets to stay stateside a while longer.  Netop is busy again raffling his work off for Women of Hope, and for “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” a children’s cancer research fundraiser.  This little fellow has done SO MUCH good for so many organizations.  THANK YOU Jacque! May 2010 Dock Diving Carolina Dock Dog had an event in Sanford on April 30th and May 1-2, 2010.  ADTC members Missy Gordon and Dave Moore participated with their Tollers.  Looking forward to hearing how they did. Other Special Things Webloes Cub Scout Nathan Temple ‘crossed over the bridge’ from Troop 215’s Cub Scout Pack to Troop 215’s Boys Scout Troop.  He will be going to Camp Bower’s Summer Camp program in June and hopes to learn lots of new things and earn some Merit Badges while there. ADTC participated again this year in the YMCA Assessability Day at UNC-W. Kay, Marny, Lila, and Barbara B. with their faithful companions were a hit! May 4, 2010 saw Kay and her team of smile makers at Wilmington Health Care (formerly Mariner Health Care) presenting a demo and petting session for the patients. The April Show-n- Go was a wonderful SUCCESS!  Many thanks to Lila for spearheading and getting everyone to help and show ADTC shine through its members.  Many thanks to Dave Moore, Mary Gay, Cynthia Mackie, Kay Rodgers, Marny Temple, Janet Doxey, Missy Gordon, Larry Jenkins, Nancy Parrott, Sharon Yankay, and anyone else I may have missed (sorry).   Participants kept asking, “When are you doing this again? We will come.”  Received by email about the April Show-N-Go:  Lila (and all Azalea folks),  We had a great experience last weekend. Tim and I and our borzois, Quill and Finn were so grateful for the opportunity you gave us. It’s always helpful to see how we’re doing in our training. You were helpful, kind, and welcoming and you gave us some great feedback. Thank you so much.  Rachel  (Rachel Blackmer, DVM, Diplomate American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (Canine/Feline)) April 2010 Agility Libby Gordon (Toller) earned her National Novice Jumper title and her National Speed Retrieve Express title at the Eastern Wildlife Festival in Washington, NC on February 5 – 7, 2010.  ALL RIGHT!!!!  Go team! Field Work Susan Jackson’s nephew Ian recently showed his brother’s (Heath, who is serving in Iraq) dog, Grace, in 4 field trials earning Grace her Junior Hunter Title. YEAH!  Really nice pics were taken and sent to Heath in Iraq showing how well his little girl Grace and brother Ian did! Other Special Things Netop who is nationally known for his art work and his hard work for charities, has had paintings requested in Chicago and Boston recently. Proceeds from his paintings will go to aid animal cancer research. “Mom” Jacque is proud of her little man. We are VERY proud of BOTH of them!!! Dave Temple, who we all know has been very active with the Boy Scouts of America for over 32 years, has recently had an award named after him locally.  It is the Dave Temple Cub Scout Spirit Award. CONGRATULATIONS Dave!  We know how hard you work for/with those boys/young men. Tom Hudgen’s latest novel, The Andros Connection, will be released by Shadow Line Press, a national publisher of great mysteries, June 17th. The story is another international crime thriller that starts out on the Cape Fear River in Wilmington and continues on to the Bahamas and Colombia, South America. His first novel, Incident at Cat Island, has sold out nationwide but is being reprinted by a new publisher and will be out the first week of June. Tom is now working on a new thriller that involves thefts of art treasures from internationally recognized museums in Santa Marta, Columbia; Verona, Italy; Wilmington, NC; Chicago and Crooked Island, Bahamas and sold on the black market. Tom said, “someone told me years ago that a good author always writes on subjects he or she knows about. So you would think I might be a professional criminal. I am not.”    Nope, the man just does his homework!  CONGRATULATIONS Tom! Folks, the first book was VERY good.  If you can find it these days, you will enjoy it.