News Flash: Sunday 9/30/18 Regarding Session IV & V, as "Joe Friday" used to say: "Just the facts, ma'am" and here is the info for (first) Session V orientation will be held Monday Oct 8th, at 6:30. (secondly) this note is specially for our Students enrolled in Session IV will receive a $50 credit towards the next session for classes missed due to the storm. Now, for a look behind the scenes at your Instructors, Assistants and every Member who could; have put in 2 full days addressing the damages to our Training Facility. My internet access has been "gone with the wind" up to and including late last night! Special thanks to Stephanie and Bryan!, who got me up and running this afternoon. Our ADTC Family lost a wise and dear member, so we are mourning her greatly, at the same time we are all getting back on our feet from the storm.

Instructors’ – Obedience Biographies

Meet Our Instructors!

This page is a work in progress, as our Instructors are always having fun with their dogs in one venue or another, please check back often!

Barbara Bray who initiated the ADTC Agility Program in the early 1990’s, and her Shetland Sheepdogs and more recently Papillons, compete and competed regularly in Agility, Obedience and Rally Obedience.  Barbara got involved in dog training in 1990 with her Sheltie, U-ACHX Sandy Bray the Mariner, CDX, OA, NAJ, NAC, NJC-V.  Sandy was the first dog in North Carolina to receive his UKC Agility Championship after UKC took over the former National Dog for Agility Program. Sandy competed in the UKC Premier Agility Competition in Kalamazoo, Michigan where he won 1st Place in Agility III, which resulted in his being featured on the Outdoor Life Network Channel.  Sandy was also an enthusiastic obedience competitor and qualified for the AKC Eastern Regionals in Obedience which was no small feat.
(Photo by Diane Lewis) U-GRATCH Misty Mount My Heart Will Go On, CDX, RE, MX, MXS, MXJ, EAC, EGC, CGC, TD Inc.  “Bobby” (Sheltie, now a resident of Rainbow Bridge) often represented ADTC in school and/or nursing home demos/visits.  Before Bobby retired from Agility, he’d earned 56 Q’s, scores of 100 in AKC Excellent B Standard.  He had 332 MACH Points and 8 Double Q’s.  Bobby and Barbara were one of eight teams to represent North Carolina in the AKC National Agility Championship Competition in 2002.  In UKC Bobby earned multiple High Scoring Triple Qualifying Dog in Trial Awards as well as a High Combined Dog in Trial Award. Bobby was always a perfect gentleman and represented his breed very well.
Barbara spent many hours competing with her Papillion, CH U-ACH Tuinluv’s Focus Movin On. RA, MX, MXS, MXJ, MJS,OF, OAC, NJC, TN-N, CGC, TD Inc.  Focus was chosen for the cover of the 2009 Papillon Breed Calendar and there was a full page color picture of him in the Papillon Magazine.  He was also pictured in Clean Run Magazine when they did a special on toy breeds in Agility. At the time Focus became ill with Lymphoma he had earned 34 Double Q’s in Agility toward his MACH and had 428 MACH Points. Focus earned 70 qualifying scores of 100 in Excellent B Standard and 56 qualifying scores of 100 in Excellent B JWW.  Like Bobby, Focus was very active in and enjoyed his therapy work. The Champion title was earned by Allison Johnston. Focus was also the 2002 winner of the Boo Temple Spirit Award.
U-AGI Dixieland Harbor Light, “Beacon” (Bobby’s son) RE, MX, MXS, MXJ, MJB, OF, TN-N, CGC, TD Inc. is working toward his MACH Title in AKC Agility.  Beacon has 14 Double Q’s and 1332 MACH Points. Beacon also has two of the three required legs toward his CD Title in Obedience. This very special boy who is as beautiful as he is smart, and like his Dad, represents the Shetland Sheepdog breed extremely well.
And last but not least, the newest member of the family is a Papillon, Denzel Now or Never, AX, MXJ, MJB, OF, (Niki).  Niki came into the family after the loss of our beloved Papillon, Focus, who died at age 11 with Lymphoma. Niki is working toward his MACH.  He has 4 Double Q’s and 441 MACH Points.  Niki has a bright future in Agility and mom Barb is very proud of the progress Niki is making.  This little guy is smart and fast and he has excellent distance skills.

Nancy Parrott, a superb “reader” of dogs has been with ADTC for over 35 years, starting many a puppy on his way toward being a happier Family member, a high scoring Obedience Dog, or a loving Therapy Dog. Over the years Nancy has trained, shown, and/or titled various breeds in Traditional Obedience, Rally Obedience, and Conformation including Dachshunds, German Shepherds, a Doberman Pinscher, Boxers (including Ch. Highflight’s Worth The Wait “Spencer” who attended Westminster twice), Australian Shepherds, a Yorkshire Terrier, Collies, and a Chihuahua, including a High In Trial with her beloved “Sky”, now at the Rainbow Bridge.  Currently, she is working with her newest baby, Amie, GSD, officially known as

 Nancy is known for being ADTC’s top motivator for dogs, students and members alike. She re-established the club’s Therapy visits to area Rest Homes and Rehab Centers in the late ’80’s and taught the Therapy Dog classes for many, many years. Nancy established the club’s dog Safety Program in the mid 1980’s, holding the copywrite on the coloring sheet given to the children, and is passionate with the club’s presentations. Nancy has also been the official club’s spokesperson for years!! And let me add, NOBODY does it BETTER!!!!

Nancy works both ‘in front of the scenes AND behind the scenes’ constantly!! As our “Older Puppy” Obedience Class Instructor, Nancy is working with the second generation of family’s learning to train their pups!! She also is an Evaluator for AKC’s newest program: the STAR Puppy Certification, she helps out with Boxer and Collie Rescue (or any other four legged creature she comes across). Nancy has held every office on the Board at ADTC, but Treasurer.  Over the years she also has been Training Director several times.


Susan Jackson Smith (photo with her boy, Louie, by Marny), though young in years, is one of our oldest ADTC Members! (she must have started when she was 6 yrs old!)   With her ready smile, Susan and her furry kids; Chimera Kahlua Louie, CGC TD, Inc, CDX RE AX AXJ AXP2 MJP5 “Louie” (Corgi, now residing at Rainbow Bridge), Sigbrit Song of the South CGC JH (with two legs toward SH and learning a new venue: Rally!), with both Gus and Dixie pointing rather than flushing, “Dixie” (Brittany) and CH. Sigbrit Almost August, JH “Gus” (Brittany), have fun in Field work, Obedience, Conformation, Rally and Agility.

Having titled many of her dogs in the various venues, Susan is well-rounded in her abilities and knowledge and she shares all with her students, who quickly become more than students, becoming old friends instead! Dixie and CH Gus (Brittanys) are flushing those birds when not in the Obedience or Conformation rings. Corgis Versatility Champion Molly, CD (recent resident of Rainbow Bridge), followed by Louie (both Agility & Rally titled) had a blast in all rings!

Susan, a long time “Canine Good Citizen” Evaluator, has seen many dogs to their very first title (CGC), as well as being a super Instructor in Agility!  She has been ADTC’s long time Treasurer and she makes balancing the checkbook look easy!

Recently she became an Evaluator for AKC’s newest program: the STAR Puppy Certification.  Another hat that Susan wears is the Secretary of New Hanover County Humane Society.


Sallie Cooper has a history with German Shepherds and fur babies; Baron Archie von Richthofen CD, CGC (Baron) and Heartwood’s Kinetic Kelbie CD, CGC (Kelbie), had many wonderful adventures together, with Baron and Kelbie, now at Rainbow Bridge.  Before Sallie moved to Wilmington, she was a valued member of the Durham Kennel Club, where she not only took classes for many years, but also was a Puppy and/or Beginner Class Assistant for 7 years, taught Puppy Class for 2 years, was the AKC Canine Ambassador, AND was Training Director and CGC Evaluator for 2 years! She volunteered with the APS of Durham doing School Education Programs and Obedience Demos at the Shelter for their school program.

Here at ADTC, Sallie has taught our youngest puppies in our Puppy Kindergarten/Small Breed Puppy Obedience classes and currently usually teaches our “Young Puppy” Class and when called upon, she also teaches a Beginner Obedience Class (either instead of Puppy or in addition to, depending on the demand!).  Sallie also assists with other Obedience classes whenever needed!!

She has been one of our STAR Puppy Program Evaluators as well as one of our CGC Evaluators.  Sallie keeps current with the latest training methods by watching training/behavior tapes of Seminars and reading books written by Trainers and Behaviorists. Sallie believes in and teaches only “dog friendly” training methods and is especially interested in preventing aggression in dogs, humane methods of treating aggression and in helping shy dogs learn to enjoy life without fear.  Sallie has an open heart when it comes to shelter dogs. She faithfully worked at New Hanover County Humane Society for many years, working with the residents there to make them more adoptable.



 Marny Temple (photo of Glory and a very young Mick ‘posed’ and taken by grandson, Patrick Temple, at 6 yrs old!) and her girl, Hillkrest To ‘O’ The Mornin’ To Ye, CD, RAE, CCA, TD Inc, CGC, 3 legs toward her RAE II Title and 2 legs toward her URO1, “Glory”, and younger brother; In’t CH, URO1 Wicklow-Hillside Just Can’t Help Believin’, RAE, CD, STAR Puppy, CGC, CCA, TD, Inc, Major Pointed, “Mick” loved making memories together, whatever the venue!  In 2016, a new family member was added; Wicklow-Hillside Sweet Home Allie-Bama STAR CGC and working on Traditional and Rally Obedience; is doing her best to fill the whole in the family’s hearts after the loss of their beloved boy, Mick.  “Glory”, at 11 yrs, is doing a beautiful job helping raise this sweet silly little girl, as she did with both Mick and Maddie.

Marny is the Director of the Rally Obedience Program at ADTC, where Logan and younger brother, Boo (both now residents of Rainbow Bridge and missed desperately) earned their Rally Excellent titles in 2006, making the BEST memories together!! And that is what Marny wishes for all Teams who attend ADTC’s Rally Classes and go on to Trialing – wonderful memories!

Both Glory and Mick did great jobs following in their Big Brothers’ very big pawprints! Glory, having secured her CGC, TD Inc Certifications and RN title at an early age, her RA and RE Titles in early 2009 and her CD title, as well as her CCA Certification, in April ’09. This sweet girl earned her RAE Title on February 19th, 2010!  Glory learned UKC Rally and Traditional Obedience and earned her first two legs toward her UKC Level 1 Title, as well as earning 3 legs toward her RAE II before retiring to concentrate on being a Therapy Dog extradinaire!

Baby Bro Mick, now at Rainbow Bridge, was a happy boy! He loved doing therapy work, as he thought everyone there came just to see HIM!!  In January 2011, Mick officially became a certified Therapy Dog, which was hands down his favorite thing to do and during Fall of 2012, Mick earned his first points toward his AKC Championship!  On the side, Mick appointed himself his Momma’s Service Dog and he always jumped up to stand in front of her chair in case she needs to set her balance by putting a hand on his shoulders, and then Mick walked slowly at her side to make sure she gets from one place to another safely.  Mick had all his clearances and was a CHICK dog…… both he and sissy, Glory, were and are cherished members of the Temple Family.  A few months before his death, he earned a 4 point major at the Tarheel Cluster….. what a boy!

Obedience training has held the Temple pupsters in good stead through the years; Logan in his role in an independent movie, Amber who was deaf the final year of her life and responded to hand signals, Boo whose life was saved thanks to obedience training when a rabbit almost lured him into the street and Mick who was the Golden in a Celebrex TV commercial!  Micko and Marny had begun trialing at the CDX level in Obedience in 2014.  Mick is one lucky dog, having some of his most beloved people helping with his training….. HUGE thanks to Diane Dargay for all her help in both Obedience training and showing Mick in the Breed ring.

Marny KNOWS Rally and her humorous personality and light-hearted encouragement has been a blessing to her students. In addition to her teaching duties, Marny is our Webmaster, and is on the Publicity Committee creating our Show ‘n’ Go flyers.  Marny is involved with Golden Retriever Rescue on the Local and National levels and loves Photography and being “Nana” to her grandsons: Nathan, Patrick, Ryder and Greyson.




Bonnie Eckhoff and her beautiful Gordon Setters strut  their stuff in Conformation, Traditional and Rally  Obedience, as well as doing their ‘thang’ in the Field!

Shown here with her girl, Sioux (Photo by Marny) Bonnie is not only a great teacher to Teams who have just “graduated” to the PreNovice Obedience level Class for the first time, but also is an expert at “fine tuning” Teams for entering the Breed ring!

A long time Instructor in both Traditional Obedience and Breed Handling, Bonnie is happy to share her wealth of knowledge and all her students benefit from her generosity! In “real life” Bonnie is a retired Physical Therapist.  Her Gordons are delighted to have her home with them and they are working toward higher titles in both Field and Ring work.

Bonnie’s girl, Sioux (Gordon Setter) got her Championship in Conformation in 2010, her RA and her Field Title , thereby earning the Gordon Setter BBB Title (Beauty, Birds, & Brains) in 2011.  Sioux performs beautifully in the Rally ring, and earned her RAE Title in early 2012, her CD Title  in 2012 and her CDX Title in 2016 and is now retired.  Baby brother Dru is strutting his stuff in the Breed Ring, completing his Championship in the Fall of 2012 AND earning both his RAE Title and CDX Title in 2016.  Dru also earned his BBB Title in 2013.




Kim Hagan and her boys, Monor’s Salem of Heathwood RE CGC “Salem” and Heathwood Llyr of Llandoff, “Llyr”, and her little girl; CH Canuck’s Most Be’Comyn, “Zoe”, are a pleasure to see working together!

Salem earned his RE (Rally Excellent) title in 2007 and both he and his Mom are all smiles when asked about it!! Llyr is on the fast track in both Tradition Obedience and Rally, while big brother Salem is giving Agility a try, earning his 1st Leg in NAJ, with a first place, under less than desirable weather conditions! Zoe is loving participating in Agility and we expect to see her and her Momma in the Agility ring soon! And then there’s a Lizzy and NEW baby, Ella…. who we’ll be hearing alot about soon!

Kim’s laid back manner teaching Rally is most impressive and her students learn, and learn well, surrounded by the sea of calm that Kim projects!








Bob Jones and his Rough Collie, formally known as Deep River’s Sundance Kid, CD RAE I & II CGC TD Inc, but lovingly known to most of he and Bob’s friends as Sunny.  Sunny always delighted in “helping” Bobby show student teams how much fun training can be!

This team holds the dual honor of being ADTC’s FIRST RAE Title holders AND are the ONLY Team in the ADTC Family to have earned their RAE II – YES, we’re proud!!  did ya notice??!   Bobby’s classes are always filled to ADTC’s stated maximum, as folks are so anxious to learn the right way under his easy going and fun style of teaching!

Bob’s patience and gentle manner is an asset to all his students, whether beginning or more advanced teams, and whether Bob’s role is as the Lead Instructor or acting as an Assistant.  He also does a super job as our Training Director, both during his  first term as Training Committee Director and currently!

In addition to Traditional Obedience and Rally Obedience training, Bob lives his love of both animals and people as seen in his devotion to Therapy Dog work and Collie Rescue, both a national and local level.  Bob is an Evaluator for AKC’s newest programs: the STAR Puppy Certification and Canine Good Citizen!

Bobby and his wife, Rita, live with and adore “Rain” (Poodle) and newest family member, “Journey” (Rough Collie) who joined the Jones Family in 2016 and as this Team earned a 196 in their first graduation class at ADTC, as well as STAR Puppy and Canine Good Citizen last summer – they are definitely doing “Sonny” proud, obviously following in his pawprints.).  Their beloved  “Stormy” (Chinese Crested) and “Kipper” (supposedly a dog, but more human than most folks I know!) recently joined Sunny at Rainbow Bridge.





Janet Doxey (with Hazel in this picture taken by a friend) and her beloved Corgis (both Welsh and Pembroke) are poetry in motion as they move in tandem around the ring! Her pupsters are: Homegrown Stanley D. CD CGC (Stan), CH Finecreek Saltwater Taffy CDX AXP MJP VCX CGC (Taffy, new Rainbow Bridge Resident) and Botany Bay’s Special Gift CD AX AXJ RE CGC (Hazel Marie, who passed away in 2017).

Hazel and Janet earned their RAE Title and followed that achievement by earning their CDX Title!  (and now this team is on to earning their UD Title and their RAE II Title)  Janet and Hazel Marie are such a beautiful team in the ring, whichever venue, her buddies always so enjoy watching her in the ring!

Janet is the perfect Beginner Agility Instructor, with her kind and gentle manner, seeing that the Teams in her classes get a very excellent start in Agility!  Her students all love her and enjoy (and learn) while in her company.







Lila Sheckles (shown here with her boy, Tucker) has always been a dog lover and her big heart is known far and wide.  She is never too busy to help a needy dog and as it is for so many folks who do rescue work, some of these needy souls go from ‘fosters’ to family before Lila knows it!  And boy, are these some lucky dogs!

Lila has been training for 20 plus years and one of her heart dogs, Bear (now a resident of Rainbow Bridge) was the first dog whom she worked with in Obedience.  They both fell in love with this venue and enjoyed learning and practicing!  As Bear was an All American, Lila could not show him in competition obedience way back then, as mixed breeds weren’t allowed to participate by the AKC (and how wonderful it is that just in the past year, that AKC now allows these worthy dogs!).  Despite not being able to trial, Lila and Bear made good use of their skills and found their nitch in Therapy Dog work, where this loving and lovely Team made many people smile, while they made wonderful memories together!

Lila was an ADTC member for a great many years way back when, took time off and returned to us about ten years back and boy are we glad she did!  Not only is Lila an excellent and valued Instructor, who’s people and dog skills are legendary.

Lila can currently be seen in the Rally ring with her younger fur kid; little Lilly (Lab mix).  In a short time, she and her Tucker, who was already turning into a wonderful obedience boy earned Tucker’s Therapy Dog Certification, followed up very quickly, by their earning Tuck’s RN (Rally Novice) Title last spring in the cluster of shows in Concord, NC.  Not to be outdone, baby sister Lilly, only 1 year old, earned her RN Title in short order….. now it’s on to their RA legs and Title!


Dave Moore, as is evidenced by this picture, is a well liked gentleman!  He and his sweet little girl, KD’s Red River, (known to her friends as ”Pepper” and who by the way is not the lady in this picture, taken by Marny), have earned her AKC STAR Puppy (Certification), AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen Certification),  TD Inc (Certified Therapy Dog), her RAE (Rally Advanced Excellent Title), most recently her CDX (Companion Dog Excellent Title) and her OS and AXJ Agility and MANY MORE titles!  Now this team is working toward their first UD Leg toward their UD Title!

Pepper and Dave are relatively new to the wonderful world of Dog Training!  Starting out as an ADTC Student a few years back, Dave quickly caught the ‘bug’ of working with Pepper and together they have begun a wonderful journey!

Pepper, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, also known as a “Toller”, is a lovely package!  She is sweet, very pretty, smart and willing to please.  And Dave (perhaps less sweet, pretty and smart!) is becoming an excellent handler, as he learns from Pepper, the first dog he has trained for performance events.

After assisting in Rally (and then taking on assisting duties in both Traditional Obedience and Agility) for several sessions, Dave was a Rally Instructor and now is an Agility Instructor.  His fine eye for detail is welcome as our Teams ready themselves for competition.

The help he’s given the Rally Director has been invaluable and much appreciated, so she and her pupsters are able to practice as well.

Dave enjoys most sports, fishing and all things dogs!



Sharon Yankay shown here with her Girl Annie, is a beautiful handler and passes all her ‘secrets’ along to her Students!  (more to come!!!)













Kim Allen (look for Kim’s bio soon!)



Diane Dargay is not only a multi-talented person, but also one of the most generous with her time and energy!  She currently has three beautiful male Gordon Setters, who are each personable and charming fellas!  Diane’s boys’ registered names and titles are:  “Travis”  CH Woodsmoke Jersey Bounce BN RA THD CGC FDCH-S,   “Dylan”  Ch Sea Gems Black Diamond Buckeye RN OA NAJ OF CGC ONYX,  “Jackson”  Blackburn Gordon Hill Carolina’s Swamp Fox CD BN RN JH NA NAJ NF CA CGC ONYX also a therapy dog.

In Diane’s words, she shares so wonderful insight for our Students:    I started training in obedience in 1988 because, like most, I had an unruly dog. Baron was my first pet shop Gordon Setter and boy did he need training! I had no clue back then how to “fix him” so we signed up for classes. Little did I know that he would bring me to the wonderful world of dogs. He was my first Companion Dog (CD) and first Therapy dog. Just like any new project, he was the brunt of all my mistakes and I swore that my next dog would be different. With each new dog, it becomes easier as you know what worked and what did not. But you also have to take into account the personality of the dog and deal with them individually incorporating a lot of play time. There is no “ one size fits all” in dog training.

 I love to train dogs and watch the light bulb go “on” when they understand us. My own dogs are started at 8 weeks old. It has been proven that puppies absorb the most information in the first 6 months of life. So it is easier to instill good habits than having to fix bad ones. Although, that is why we are trainers because most people come to us after they have bad habits. I was glad back in 1988 that a trainer helped me fix mine. So now, I am paying it forward to help others.

My dogs have earned titles in obedience, rally, field, conformation, flyball, agility and lure coursing. Currently, I have 2 therapy dogs that visit nursing homes, hospitals and hospice.

 Most of my Gordon Setters have achieved The Beauty, Brains and Birdsense (BBB) award for Gordon Setters which consists of titles in Conformation, Performance and Field. Two of them(Tyler & Travis) were featured on ESPN and Animal Planet as ambassadors of the breed. Travis’ video is still on the Animal Planet website under Gordon Setters.

Jackson is my current work in progress at 4 years old. He has already accomplished titles in obedience, rally, flyball, field, agility, lure coursing and is one of my therapy dogs. He is the #2 flyball Gordon Setter behind my #1 dog, Dylan. Travis will be starting his 10th year of therapy work and Dylan is going back to Rally after a long hiatus of flyball. They all have projects for fun and that’s what keeps them happy.



Kim Allen (look for Kim’s bio soon!)



Harriet Rood is the “elder statesman” of ADTC.  She came to the club in 2009 in order to begin running her Sheltie in Agility.  “I saw the agility competitions on TV and just thought Cameron would like to do that.”  After finishing the required Obedience class, the team of Harriet and Cameron started Beginning Agility classes with Janet Doxey, the “best beginning agility teacher in the world.” Cameron has since earned Novice, Open, and Excellent titles in Standard Agility and Jumps With Weaves and currently is competing on the AKC Master’s level.

 “When I came to ADTC  I was just looking for some place to help me train Cameron so we could compete in Agility.  I knew nothing about Agility other than what I had seen on TV.  What I found was a training center that quickly became like a home.  Not only did I find friendly, knowledgeable trainers, I also found a support team.” Whenever anyone goes out to compete, there is always someone from the club to encourage and to ease the novice into the sport.  “Recently, Cameron and I began competing in Rally.  Bonnie Berg-Eckoff  (who was also our initial obedience trainer)was at my first rally competition and walked me through the whole protocol.  The outcome…Cameron and I placed first in the novice class.”
Harriet is the wife of a retired Marine, mother of 5 and grandmother of 18.  Before coming to Wilmington in 2006 she and her husband spent 22 years in south Texas. “Coming to Wilmington was like coming home since it is so near to Camp Lejeune where we spent many tours.”  Although she has had dogs from the time she was a baby, Harriet had never done any formal dog training until she came to Wilmington.  “I always loved my dogs (Great Danes, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and now Shelties), but training with Cameron has made us even closer than I could have imagined.”
“If you are thinking of training on any level, know that it is never too late to start.  Coming to ADTC in my mid-70’s, it has kept me happy and in good health   Know that you will be warmly welcomed here, too.”
New Instructors!  We are proud of all our Instructors, including Cynthia Mackie in Rally, Larry Jenkins in Traditional Obedience and Diane Dargay teaching Agility and heading up the relatively new sport of Fly Ball.  New Teachers in the past year include:  Kim Allen (Beginner Obedience), Capt Dave Ryan (Agility), Please check back for their info soon!

ADTC’s Assistants, the Eyes, Ears and Hands of the Instructors!

Kudos to our long time, as well as new, assistants who do such a great job being our Instructors’ eyes, ears and hands in class!  This ‘star’ lineup includes: Karen Heinecke, Sallie Cooper, Sharon Yankay, Dave Moore, Harriett Rood, Diane Dargay, JaNell Dowless, Jodi Kerwin, Rose Pritchard, Lu Piver & Bobbie Smith!   All are valued members of our training team!