News Flash: Sunday 9/30/18 Regarding Session IV & V, as "Joe Friday" used to say: "Just the facts, ma'am" and here is the info for (first) Session V orientation will be held Monday Oct 8th, at 6:30. (secondly) this note is specially for our Students enrolled in Session IV will receive a $50 credit towards the next session for classes missed due to the storm. Now, for a look behind the scenes at your Instructors, Assistants and every Member who could; have put in 2 full days addressing the damages to our Training Facility. My internet access has been "gone with the wind" up to and including late last night! Special thanks to Stephanie and Bryan!, who got me up and running this afternoon. Our ADTC Family lost a wise and dear member, so we are mourning her greatly, at the same time we are all getting back on our feet from the storm.

Instructors’ – Agility Bios


A Few Words from Barbara Bray, ADTC’s Agility Guru, Director and VERY NICE PERSON!

ADTC’s Agility Program began in the early 1990’s when there was only UKC, NADAC and USDAA Agility. At that time, Azalea offered only one agility class. AKC Agility soon began and it seemed after that all agility organizations began to grow at a rapid pace. One and then two and then other ADTC members began training and trialing. Those who got involved soon became addicted to this up and coming dog sport. Intermediate/Competition Agility is offered at 10:00 AM on Wednesday morning and at 7:30 PM on Wednesday night. Beginner Agility is offered at 6:30 PM (all times subject to change) on Wednesday night which focuses on Foundation Training and gives an introduction to the obstacles. Students remain in Beginner Agility Classes until they are ready for the sequencing and preparation for competition provided in the Intermediate/Competition Agility Classes. Prior to taking Agility at Azalea Dog Training Club, dogs and handlers must have Obedience Training through the Pre-Novice Class, as Obedience and Agility go hand in hand and Obedience is a must for a successful agility dog. Dogs must know sit, down, stay, come and be able to work off lead around other dogs and with lots of distractions, paying close attention to their handlers and following the directions given by the handler both at a close range and at a distance. Agility is fun for both the dogs and handlers and most dogs love it. The approach at ADTC is a positive one using lots of food and praise to motivate the dog. It helps bring a shy dog out and often helps in calming down an overly energetic dog. It gives the dog a job that they love.   Barb Bray, Director of Agility at ADTC

Our Staff of Agility Instructors includes:

Barbara Bray has competed in AKC, NADAC, USDAA and UKC Agility. Barbara has Shelties (Bobby and his son, Beacon) and a Papillon (Focus, now at Rainbow Bridge) and has put AKC MX and MXJ Titles on her Sheltie and Papillon. She has also completed the AKC Open Fast Title with her Papillon. She has earned NADAC Elite Standard and Gamblers Titles and NADAC Open Jumpers Titles, as well as NADAC Tunnelers Titles. She has also put UKC titles on four dogs including the UGRATCH Title. Barbara has also completed the CDX Obedience Title and the Rally Excellent Title with two of her Shelties and has earned the Rally Advanced Title with her Papillon. Barbara and her Sheltie, Bobby, were one of the eight teams from North Carolina who competed in the AKC National Agility Championship Competition in 2002.  Recently, Barb got a new fur baby; Niki (Papillon) who has already gotten his paws wet in the Agility Ring!  Update:  Niki earned his MACH in November of 2016!  I’m sure Barb will be writing about it soon!


Susan Jackson has Corgis and Brittanys. Susan has earned AKC Excellent and Jumpers Titles with her Corgis and Novice Obedience and Rally Excellent Obedience titles. Susan is also a successful handler in the Breed Ring with both Corgis and Brittanys and very successful in the area of Field Testing with her Brittanys.

She and her Corgis have also been involved in the Therapy Dog Program and she is a long term advocate for dog and cat rescue in the area with the New Hanover County Humane Society.


Janet Doxey, who has Corgis, has AKC Excellent Standard and Jumpers Titles in Agility and Novice and Open Titles in Obedience and is currently working on her girl, Hazels’s RAE II Title and various Agility Titles. Janet is warm and caring and always has a smile on her face. She does whatever it takes to help a dog and handler achieve success. Janet has started many the ‘green’ team along on it’s way, providing loving support all the way to the Show Ring!  Update:  Hazel earned her MACH and UD in 2016!  I’m sure Janet will be writing about it soon!


Dave Moore, as is evidenced by this picture, is a well liked gentleman!  He and his sweet little girl, KD’s Red River, (known to her friends as ”Pepper” and who by the way is not the lady in this picture, taken by Marny), have earned her AKC STAR Puppy (Certification), AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen Certification), RE (Rally Excellent Title), TD Inc (Certified Therapy Dog), her RAE (Rally Advanced Excellent Title), her CD (Companion Dog Title) and she and her “Dad” are working toward their next Traditional Obedience title, CDX (Companion Dog Excellent).  “Pepper” are relatively new to the wonderful world of Dog Training!  Starting out as an ADTC Student a few years back, Dave quickly caught the ‘bug’ of working with his Pepper and together they have begun a wonderful journey!

Pepper, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, also known as a “Toller”, is a lovely package!  She is sweet, very pretty smart and willing to please.  And Dave (perhaps less sweet, pretty and smart!) is working toward becoming an excellent handler, as he learns from Pepper, the first dog he has trained for performance events!

After assisting in Rally (and Traditional Obedience and Agility) for several sessions, Dave is now an Instructor in his own right and his fine eye for detail is welcome as our Teams ready themselves for competition.  The help he’s given the Rally Director has been invaluable and much appreciated, so she and her pupsters are able to practice as well.

Dave and Pepper have been enjoying Agility for the past four years and have earned several Agility titles, including her MACH! Dave enjoys most sports, fishing and all things dogs!


 Diane Dargay writes:  I started training in obedience in 1988 because, like most, I had an unruly dog. Baron was my first pet shop Gordon Setter and boy did he need training! I had no clue back then how to fix him so we signed up for classes. Little did I know that he would bring me to the wonderful world of dogs. He was my first Companion Dog(CD) and first Therapy dog. Just like any new project, he was the brunt of all my mistakes and I swore that my next dog would be different. With each new dog, it becomes easier as you know what worked and what did not. But you also have to take into account the personality of the dog and deal with them individually incorporating a lot of play time. There is no “ one size fits all” in dog training.

   I love to train dogs and watch the light bulb go “on” when they understand us. My own dogs are started at 8 weeks old. It has been proven that puppies absorb the most information in the first 6 months of life. So it is easier to instill good habits than having to fix bad ones. Although, that is why we are trainers because most people come to us after they have bad habits. I was glad back in 1988 that a trainer helped me fix mine. So now, I am paying it forward to help others.

  My dogs have earned titles in obedience, rally, field, conformation, flyball, agility and lure coursing. Currently, I have 2 therapy dogs that visit nursing homes, hospitals and hospice.

   Most of my Gordon Setters have achieved The Beauty, Brains and Birdsense (BBB) award for Gordon Setters which consists of titles in Conformation, Performance and Field. Two of them(Tyler & Travis) were featured on ESPN and Animal Planet as ambassadors of the breed. Travis’ video is still on the Animal Planet website under Gordon Setters.

   Jackson is my current work in progress at 4 years old. He has already accomplished titles in obedience, rally, flyball, field, agility, lure coursing and is one of my therapy dogs. He is the #2 flyball Gordon Setter behind my #1 dog, Dylan. Travis will be starting his 10th year of therapy work and Dylan is going back to Rally after a long hiatus of flyball. They all have projects for fun and that’s what keeps them happy.

  Diane’s boys’ registered names and titles are:  “Travis”  CH Woodsmoke Jersey Bounce BN RA THD CGC FDCH-S,   “Dylan”  Ch Sea Gems Black Diamond Buckeye RN OA NAJ OF CGC ONYX,  “Jackson”  Blackburn Gordon Hill Carolina’s Swamp Fox CD BN RN JH NA NAJ NF CA CGC ONYX also a therapy dog.


The following ADTC Members are also Certified Instructors and their bio’s should be online real soon!

Kathy Bloden


Chet Bloden


Victor Pearsall


Capt Dave Ryan


Gwyn Scheidt  













Andrea Arbogast, and her Rescued Girl, Lola (Aussie mix), have been working in Agility for 3 1/2 years.  Andrea and Lola have earned several titles in both AKC and NADAC events.  Her new puppy, Samba, has it all!  Beauty, brains and great love for Andrea!  Her excellent people AND dog skills hold her in good stead as she brings her Student Teams along toward trialing. 

Missy Gordon is a Major in the United States Marine Corps, but is also an avid dog lover.  She loves to compete in agility and dockdiving with her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Libby, who is also affectionately known as “the Libster”.  Libby and Missy have been competing in agility and dockdiving for about two years each (minus the 7 months she was gone on deployment in Afghanistan).  During those two years Libby and Missy have earned their Novice Agility Championship, Novice Jumpers, Novice Tunnelers, and Novice Weavers in the North America Dog Agility Council (NADAC) venue.  Most recently, in a total of two trials, the team has earned their Novice Agility and Novice Agility Jumpers titles in the AKC venue.   Libby and Missy’s true love is dock diving.  Over the last two years Libby has earned her Novice Jumper Regional and National title, her Speed Retrieve Regional and National title, and her Junior Regional and National title.  Most recently Libby and Missy (known as Team Liberty in dockdiving) received an invite to the Dockdiving World Championships in Dubuque, Iowa.  Libby is not the biggest jumper in dockdiving, but she is often a fan favorite as she is quite the entertainer when on the dock.

“nuff said!





ADTC is extremely proud of our Agility Program…. led by Director Barbara Bray and enhanced with all our wonderful Instructors! Barb and her boys excel in many venues, including Agility, Obedience and Rally Obedience. Our very own Agility Guru is always there with a helping hand at any level in Agility and Obedience. Barbara and her companion, Sandy, were the first Sheltie team to be awarded the UKC Agility Championship in North Carolina. The team went on to earn Agility titles in AKC, UKC, and NADAC. Sandy also earned his CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) in the Obedience ring. Barbara and sweet boy Bobby (Sheltie) have obtained most, if not all, of the highest titles in all aspects of Agility with all the organizations. They have also earned Rally Excellent title and Traditional Obedience titles! Under Barbara’s kind and gentle hand, Focus was (Papillion now at Rainbow Bridge) and Beacon (Sheltie, and Bobby’s son!!) are  following in Bobby’s pawprints and doing well in performance rings all over the country!

2010 Session II AM Intermediate Competition Combo Class pictures can be seen under our Agility Archives page!