News Flash: Sunday 9/30/18 Regarding Session IV & V, as "Joe Friday" used to say: "Just the facts, ma'am" and here is the info for (first) Session V orientation will be held Monday Oct 8th, at 6:30. (secondly) this note is specially for our Students enrolled in Session IV will receive a $50 credit towards the next session for classes missed due to the storm. Now, for a look behind the scenes at your Instructors, Assistants and every Member who could; have put in 2 full days addressing the damages to our Training Facility. My internet access has been "gone with the wind" up to and including late last night! Special thanks to Stephanie and Bryan!, who got me up and running this afternoon. Our ADTC Family lost a wise and dear member, so we are mourning her greatly, at the same time we are all getting back on our feet from the storm.

ADTC is proud of our Canine Good Citizen Teams!

 We, here at ADTC are always proud of our Student Teams in whatever the accomplish, whether thru our guidance or on their own!  And we are always tickled pink when our Teams work hard on achieving the goals they set for themselves…….   The Canine Good Citizen Certification is sometimes the very first goal our Teams work toward!
Here’s some recent news from ADTC’s Training Director, Large Breed Puppy Instructor and one of our Excellent CGC Evaluators, Nancy Parrott:
Dear Nancy Parrott, Thank you so much for all you do for the CGC program and for promoting responsible dog ownership……..       to which Nancy, ever the humble Instructor and Coach wrote to all ADTC Members: Yeah Cindy and Baz!   Way to Go Bonnie and Lu for helping them in the Pre-Novice class!  They were a pleasure in my puppy class. I was so proud when I tested them for their CGC.  Cindy and husband with Baz and Auggie (their other deaf Aussie) are now living in Virginia. We miss them. Love, Nancy Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Azalea Dog Training Club CGC Graduates — By Nancy Parrott  In one of our recent CGC classes, a very special dog earned his CGC. In the photo, at the front of the line is Cynthia Sutherland and her Australian Shepherd “Baz.” Baz is blind and deaf. Also in the class were CGC recipients Rebecca Godley with Amos, a Black Lab mix, and Catherine Welch with Tucker a Chinese Crested/Poodle mix. For other CGC instructors who may be teaching dogs with disabilities, here is a write up by Pre-Novice Instructor Bonnie Berg-Eckhoff that describes some of the techniques used when teaching Baz. Baz has completed both Puppy and Beginner Class with ADTC, and is in my Pre-novice Class. Emphasis in the Pre-novice Class is accomplishment of the CGC title within 6wks and graduation at 8wks, performing a Pre-novice Routine. Because of Bazs’ sensory deficits, both Cindy and Michael Sutherland, owners, communicate via a sequence of specific consistent tactile cues for Baz to heel, sit, down and stay. Use of a vibration-collar is utilized for the recall exercise. At the beginning of each class, both my assistant and myself greet Baz for scent purposes, so that when we work with stand-for-examination exercise he knows who is to examine him. Since all obedience exercises demonstrate some level of ‘team-work’, the stand-for-examination is a significant challenge for Baz, by introducing a 3rd member to the ‘team’. Stand-for-exam is not part of the CGC, however is performed in the Pre-novice graduation exercise, at the end of a 6′ lead. Baz’s recall exercise is quite interesting to watch as he weaves toward his master, following her/his scent, after receiving the vibratory stimulus to his neck. We train in the Pre-novice Class for 1hr and usually at about 30-40 mins we ‘break’ for playtime with a toy; allowing no dog-to-dog interaction. While so many teams have difficulty with play, there is Baz, joyfully chewing and squeaking a rubber chicken!! All is well with Baz! **************************************************************************
Photo by Dick Parrott Photography

Photo by Dick Parrott Photography

 We are delighted for and proud of these Teams!  Congrats to Instructors Marty Clugstone and Bonnie Eckhoff, from our PreNovice Class, for their wonderful CGC program incorporated into their class!
Left to Right:  Mary Beth Hock/Skipper (Lab Mix), Michael Farnum/Cupcake  (Corgi/Jack Russell), Victor Pearsall/Stone (Papillon), Monique Beech/Kaicho (Vizsla), Not Pictured:  Kim Hagan’s Ella (Border Collie), Michael Farnum’s Woody (Terrier Mix).




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