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Award, “Boo” Temple

Boo Temple Spirit Memorial Purpose & History

Purpose: An Award in memory of Boo Temple, to honor a special dog in the ADTC Family each year.

What: The Boo! Temple Spirit Award; given in honor and memory of Boo! (Golden Retriever), loved and missed by Marny, Dave and entire Temple family.

Who is eligible? Any dog who is/was a beloved and valued family member of an ADTC Member, whether the dog is here with us on Earth or a Resident of Rainbow Bridge.

Qualifications: A dog must have/had the most heart, greatest spirit and gentle determination to live life to the fullest, one who reaches(ed) out and grabs(ed) life with all four paws! Perhaps a dog who has overcome major challenges; be they training, fearfulness, health or other issues.

Goal of Award: To give recognition to and honor and/or remember special dogs, like Boo!, with brave hearts and gentle spirits.

When: Annually.

How: Send nominations, with picture of Nominee, via email to Marny and Dave Temple a week before the October meeting. Nominations will then be compiled into a single email and sent to ADTC Members via email for their perusal and reflection. Hard copies of all Nominations will be presented by the nominating parties before the October meeting, for all members’ review, if needed. Nominations will be read, by their Authors (or a person designated to read nomination for the Author) at the October meeting and the vote will be taken that night by secret ballot, with the announcement of 2013’s Boo Temple Spirit Award Dog at the November meeting, with the special dog’s name and the owner’s name added to a plaque which will be displayed at our Training Facility.

History How the Boo Temple Spirit Award came to be……

Marny's Boo babyBoo TempleMarny's Boo

Card by Ann; Image by Marny  Boo 9 weeks; Image by Dick Parrott  Boo 4 years; Image by Dick Parrott

Hillkrest Trick or Treat, ‘Boo’ RE, CGC, TD Inc, 1/3 NAJ, like all beloved dogs, was quite the character and he was as mischievous and smart, as he was handsome, loving and faithful! Boo taught everyone who knew him many life lessons and he touched so many people in his short life. He loved all people and most dogs and loved playing at Agility, dabbling at Traditional Obedience, adored Rally, but his all time favorite pastime was Therapy Work, as you see, it was obvious to Boo, that everyone in any given place was there to see him and he loved them all!!!

At age 6 1/2, Boo was diagnosed with Lymphoma. His prognosis was 30 days. Boo lived and lived well for 23 months, earning his three Rally titles and making many more visits to area Nursing Homes and participating in Safety Demos for children in-between chemo cocktails. He was, and always will be, a hero to his family and friends whom he loved and whom loved him in return. Boo let his family know he was ready to begin his new life in Heaven on March 4th, 2007. God must have needed a another Angel in Heaven, one who would comfort the sad, rejoice with the happy and celebrate each new arrival with his trademark happy bark and tail wag!

Boo’s family wanted to do something to honor other dogs in the ADTC family, in memory of the Boomiester. They petitioned the Board, where it was approved and ratified by the Membership.