Session I is already underway and we are enjoying meeting Students who are fast becoming friends! Upcoming Events: Noseworks seminars at ADTC scheduled for March 3rd, registration ($75 hrs for two hours) info/payment due February 17th, Barnhunt Seminar 4/14/18 (details being worked out…. please check back for more info)

2/11/17 All Obedience Show ‘n’ Go’s Indoors: Great Success!

The First Indoor All Obedience Show ‘N’ Go’s of the year were held on Saturday, February 11, 2017, at our climate controlled Training Facility, Rally Obedience & Traditional Obedience only, held in irregular rings.  Doors open at 8:30 am, we will be starting the day with Rally Excellent Obedience.  Registration Forms can be found at the bottom of this flyer, for quicker registration day of.  Please see more details below our directions.

Please check back for our next events!


 ADTC’s Training Center info and directions are located on the web at

Please note we are located off Hwy 17, just past the Whitebridge subdivision going north.  You will see a lot filled with boats and boat trailers and our sign is just past the boats, with our driveway immediately after the sign.  If you enter Hampstead’s city limits, you’ve gone too far!  and please note also, that we are not located on Shearwater Drive in Hampstead.


Please find a sample of what our Show ‘n’ Go info flyers look like:

Celebrating 46 Years of Service to the Community (1971-2017) 

Azalea Dog Training Club presents an

Obedience & Rally Show ‘N’ Go on Saturday, February 11th, 2017

at our Climate Controlled Training Facility

Questions?  Please contact our Show ‘N’ Go Chairperson:  Bonnie Berg-Eckhoff

at the website contact email: or



ENTRY FEES: all runs will cost $5 each

 In response to Students and other Exhibitors’ asking when we will be holding our next SnG, you can see above it will be Saturday, February 11th, 2017.  Please mark your calendars and plan on joining us for a great training opportunity.  We have experienced folks calling the various levels of  Traditional and Rally Obedience and in addition to that, we generally have exhibitors who are beautiful examples of what we all strive for in the ring ourselves!  On a personal note, I find learning from successful handlers is a wonderful tool!

As ya’ll know, we do our best to have our indoor Show ‘N’ Go mimic a real Trial (tho, please note our ring is not regulation sized), so please bring your chair(s) and crate(s) and plan on working your dog(s) and having fun with old friends and new!!

 Doors open at 8:30 am!!  Run Thru’s open to all Obedience trained dogs!  However, we request that you only do Run Thru’s at the levels at which you are currently working.  In a Run Thru, there no time for a ‘caller’ to teach an exercise!

As always, we pay close attention to input from you, our friends, our exhibitors and we continue with the following format for our Show ‘N’ Go presentation:

#1  Exhibitors’ runs will be timed.  Time limits will be as follows: Utility 8 minutes, Open 7 minutes, Novice, (not including stationeries).  In Rally all three levels will be timed at 4 minutes.  So whether you wish to do a true Run Thru or simply want to practice on some element of the level on which you are working, the floor is yours for the stated times!

#2 The fragrance of ‘human’ food makes concentrating on the tasks in the ring really hard for some of the Canine Halves of our participating Teams, so please “no food in the building”!  We’re hoping that by our setting Utility (starting no earlier than 11 am) and Novice (starting no earlier than 1:30 pm), that this will enable everyone to take a lunch break and not have to sit and wait hungry and tired, all day!!

REGISTRATION for Rally Obedience will be conducted from 8:30 am until 9 am. The Excellent Walk Thru begins at 8:50 am!  Advanced and Novice courses will follow.  Latecomers entries will be accepted if the level in which they need to practice is not finished!  We will not be able to accommodate latecomers by resetting the ring level for either Rally or Traditional Obedience.

REGISTRATION for Traditional Obedience will be held all morning, and into the afternoon, as needed, with Utility beginning no earlier than 11 am.  Open courses will follow Utility, with Novice following Open. Beginner Novice and Novice will begin no earlier than 1:30 pm


Show ‘N’ Go’s are not judged, but have ‘callers’.

ADTC can be found on the web at  Directions to ADTC’s Training Facility on the website!  Please note we are located off Hwy 17 and NOT on Shearwater Drive in Hampstead!

Cold Drinks will be available on the show site, for a small fee!!

 Please be a responsible show person……remember, clean up after your dog! And we’re trying to make “our front yard” a “no potty” zone, so please try to guide your dog(s) to either our side or back yards. We provide poop bags and pooper scoopers for your convenience. Thank you!

NOTICE:  The Show ‘N’ Go Chairperson and/or representative, reserve the right to excuse from the Show ‘N’ Go’s Ground ANY dogAND/OR handler that displays aggressive or dangerous behavior. ADTC believes in training dogs in a kind, loving manner and will not tolerate harsh corrections.




Azalea Dog Training Club Show ‘N’ Go Entry Form



Name:  ______________________________________  Tele#  _____________________

Address: ____________________________ City  ________________Zip: __________

Email addy:  _____________________________________________________________

Dog’s name:  _______________________  Breed:  ______________________________

Obedience: (class(es)/jump height/# of runs) _________________________________________

Rally:  (class(es)/jump height/# of runs) _____________________________________________

The Show ‘N’ Go Chairpersons and/or Chairs’ representative, reserve the right to excuse from our grounds ANY dog AND/OR handler who displays aggressive or dangerous behavior.  ADTC believes in training dogs in a kind, loving manner and will not tolerate harsh or strong corrections.

I have read and understand the information above.

Signature:  ________________________________________  Date:  ________________

CGC Testing is only offered at our outdoor Show ‘N’ Go’s




Special thanks to all the members of ADTC for their efforts, before, during and after the SnG, to insure this event is a success for the club and an enjoyable time for our friends, the exhibitors.



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