News Flash: Sunday 9/30/18 Regarding Session IV & V, as "Joe Friday" used to say: "Just the facts, ma'am" and here is the info for (first) Session V orientation will be held Monday Oct 8th, at 6:30. (secondly) this note is specially for our Students enrolled in Session IV will receive a $50 credit towards the next session for classes missed due to the storm. Now, for a look behind the scenes at your Instructors, Assistants and every Member who could; have put in 2 full days addressing the damages to our Training Facility. My internet access has been "gone with the wind" up to and including late last night! Special thanks to Stephanie and Bryan!, who got me up and running this afternoon. Our ADTC Family lost a wise and dear member, so we are mourning her greatly, at the same time we are all getting back on our feet from the storm.

Obedience, Traditional

A “Not for Profit” Service Organization since 1971

Traditional Obedience Program at ADTC

A few words from our Training Director, Nancy Parrott:  

Practice, Patience and Praise, Practice, Patience and Praise, say it again! The 3P’s has been ADTC’s mantra for 40 years now, and it WORKS!  We strive for a loving and mannerly canine companion for all our students. We love the smiles of the students at the end of a session when they see what THEY have accomplished!

 We are VERY proud of our Instructors and Assistants who have reached levels in training and competition that bring a wealth of knowledge to our students. They have “been there” themselves at one time or another and know what works for new and returning students. Our staff is wonderful in showing students the way to having that lovely canine companion, to having a top competitor in dog sports.

 As a Not-for-Profit Service Organization (remember, we have been around since 1971) Obedience, Agility, Rally Obedience, and Conformation training is only a part of our contribution to the public.  We also provide Safety Programs, Educational Programs, certified Therapy Dog team visits (weekly), and other public relations work.

 Do you know how we do it?  Practice, Patience, and Praise!

ADTC’s Traditional Obedience Program has been a shining example of how everyone SHOULD train their dogs since 1971!  The love of Traditional Obedience is how Azalea Dog Training Club got it’s start!!  A small group of friends who trained their dogs together, recognized the need for this service to help make dogs better companions, family members and to stay in their homes forever…..  and founded ADTC!

Our program is now seeing second, and in some cases third, generations of student family members!  We rejoice with every team who enters our doors, as we know the quality of all family members will increase more than most handlers can imagine during their first class meeting!

Our Traditional Obedience Classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
Most every session sees the need for at least four Traditional Obedience Classes!

On Tuesdays, our “Young Puppy” Class is taught by Sallie Cooper, while we have a rotation of Instructors presenting our Beginner Obedience Class.

On Thursday evenings, the night starts out with our 6:30 pm “Older Puppy” Class with long time Instructor Nancy Parrott at the helm, spelled by Bob Jones!  Pre-Novice Class follows Nancy’s class at 7:30 and is by Bonnie Eckhoff.  Our Novice (also called Competition Obedience) follows at 8:30, as needed.    All our Obedience Instructors have at least one title on their dogs and most have several titles on several dogs!  They live their love for their dogs and their love of the bonding and closeness that training creates between dog and handler!

Our Staff of Traditional Obedience Instructors includes:
Nancy Parrott, Sallie Cooper, Bonnie Eckhoff, Bob Jones, Kay Rodgers, Susan Jackson, Lila McDowell, Marty Clugstone and Marny Temple.

Pictures of some of our Obedience Teams will always be a work in progress!  To see each classes’ images, please click on the hyperlink below each Picture.  Unless otherwise noted, all images by Marny.

Small Breed Puppy Class &
Beginner Obedience  Session II 2010

PreNovice Class Session II 2010
(on left)

Large Breed Puppy Class Session II 2010
(on right)

Small Breed Puppy Class &
Beginner Obedience  Session I 2010

Large Breed Puppy Class &
PreNovice Obedience Session I 2010

Large Breed Puppy Class 09
Session IV

Beginner Obedience Class 09 Session

PreNovice Obedience Class Session
IV 2009

Large Breed Puppy Class 09
Session III

Thanks to “Cookie’s” Dad, Terry, for taking “group” class pictures!

Beginner Obedience Class 09 Session

PreNovice Class 09 Session

Small Breed Puppy Class 09 Session

Beginner Class 09 Session II

Large Breed Puppy Class 09 Session

Pre-Novice Class 09 Session II

Small Breed Puppy Class 09 Session I

Beginner Class 09 Session I