We're in week 2 of Session IV…. lots of happy Students and enthusiastic Instructors. New Class being held this session for a 4 week time span, 1st class will be Friday, Sept 7th. Instructor Diane Dargay is the one to contact at ddargay55@aol.com Payment due by 8/29. The "Intro to Noseworks" Class will be held Fridays at 6:30 pm Upcoming Event: SHOW-N-GO Saturday August 25th at our climate controlled facility, address: 13100 Highway 17S, Hampstead, NC The doors open at 7:30 am for registrations for Rally & Obedience, with Rally classes beginning at 7:50 starting with Masters down to Novice Rally. Obedience Registration starts at 11:30 Utility starts at 12:30 Times may vary depending on entries. If you're interested in our Show N Go, or session classes, please let us know! You will find the directions on our site, www.adtc.us, click on 'register' and follow the directions on that page.

TDI Testing to be scheduled in early Spring

TDI Evaluator Margi Baldwin Moore & her merry group of helpers are looking forward to return to our area in the early Spring, please check back for dates and times.

Please see info below.  Questions?  Please email me at the contact address on the website.

If interested, please use the ADTC website contact info or simply fill out the paperwork and send with check by (new date for 2018) to:

Margi Baldwin Moore, 454 Bellingham Court, Florence, SC  29501

Email address:  obedientcorgis@sc.rr.com

Therapy Dogs International, Inc.

Certified Evaluator #940

Margi Baldwin Moore

  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (843) 229-2672 or email me at obedientcorgis@sc.rr.com. I look forward to meeting you and your dog.

Margi writes:

On behalf of Therapy Dogs International, Inc. (TDI) I will be conducting a TDI testing as follows:

Date:                Saturday June 10th, 2017

Registration:      Pre-registration is required, form is provided at the bottom of the page

Time:                Testing times will be scheduled in groups of 6 beginning at 10:00 am

Place:               Azalea Dog Training Club     13100 US Highway 17 South     Hampstead, NC 28443

I have been involved with Therapy Dogs International for about seventeen years now, and the interaction that occurs between therapy dogs, patients, residents, students, families, and staff is truly amazing. I’m excited that you too are interested in certifying your canine friend.

For those of you who have tested in the past, I will advise you that the testing procedures have changed tremendously. I am including the official TDI testing brochure and I strongly suggest you all become very familiar with each aspect of the new testing guidelines.  My test will not go in the exact order of the brochure, but every step will be covered and each dog will be tested on a pass/fail basis.  Potential therapy dogs must pass all aspects of the test in order to be awarded a TDI license.

Please complete and mail or email the attached pre-registration form so that I will have an idea of how many to expect and allow me to get the paperwork started in advance. This will also get us off to a more organized start, and save time the day of testing.  If you know of others who would like to test please give them a copy of this information.  Testing times are limited to twelve dogs and handlers and will be scheduled on a first come first pre-registered basis.

Listed below are a few things that have come from TDI that I need to pass along to you. In addition, I have included a few things that hopefully will eliminate some controversies that have occurred in the past.

  • Choke chains, prong collars, martingale collars, Gentle Leaders, Halti collars or no pull harnesses are Not allowed. Acceptable equipment includes a flat buckle collar, snap-in collar or non-corrective harness and 6 foot leash. Collars and leashes will be checked prior to the beginning of the test.
  • Food cannot be used during actual testing as a reward.
  • Even if you already have your CGC, according to TDI, you still must take the entire TDI test.
  • Dogs must be clean and groomed in order to pass the TDI test. This means no wet dogs and ears must be clean. No horrible doggie breath and toenails must be trimmed.
  • This testing will be held indoors. Your dog is being tested the moment he/she arrives on campus. If dogs are barking, growling or lunging prior to or during testing they will be dismissed. Also, if any dog eliminates in the testing area, they will be dismissed. There will be a designated “potty” area for the dogs.

TDI Testing Information

Testing Date:                            Saturday June 10th, 2017

Time:                                        Testing times will be scheduled in groups of 6 beginning at 10:00 am

Testing Fee:                              $20.00

(If dog is being tested with 2 handlers there is only one charge.)

(Pairs are not charged a testing fee, but both dogs must have previously passed and been certified)

Please Bring:                             Proof of vaccinations to include rabies tag number & your dog’s brush for the grooming portion of the test.

Location:      Azalea Dog Training Club, 13100 US Highway 17 South,  Hampstead, NC  (please return to adtc.us and click on “Location” in our search engine for text and maps to aid in helping you find us)


Please fill out the following, provide pre-payment (Made out to Margi Baldwin Moore)

Return both to me by 

Mailing address: Margi Baldwin Moore, 454 Bellingham Court, Florence, SC  29501

Email address:  obedientcorgis@sc.rr.com

Handler Name:                                                                                                                                  

Address including City, State and Zip:                                                                                                

Phone including Area Code:                                                                                                               


 Dogs Call Name:                                                                                                                              

 Dog’s age:                                                 Breed:                                      Sex: